July 4, 2012

By Bertrum J Meisner JR- Well it is another Fourth of July and the world still exists. America is still a Constitutional Republic, at least on paper. The Constitution of the USA is still one of the best foundations for government ever devised by man. Yet another Fourth of July, but how many more will we have where our flag can wave proudly over this land?

I suggest everyone get out and celebrate the Fourth like there is no tomorrow because there may not be one for America and our way of life. Don’t let that deter or discourage you in your celebrations. Celebrate, rejoice and be a happy American but during all that fun remember that the day isn’t about grilling meat, eating food, playing football, playing baseball, partying or even fireworks. It is about celebrating America’s birth and the birth of American values.

Above all don’t forget why you have been able to celebrate for all these years because the reason you have had that ability was because someone else made it possible. There have been so many who have sacrificed just so YOU could be free and those are the people that should be honored on the Fourth.

If you happen to run into one of the lucky ones who sacrificed, without having to make the ultimate sacrifice be sure to honor and thank them for this and do it on every Fourth of July. Then when the Fifth of July rolls around remember their sacrifice and ask yourself was their sacrifice worth it? Look inward for the answer don’t look at anyone else, just look at yourself.

 When you are doing this soul searching, look in all the dark corners of your mind and body for an honest answer. If you find yourself coming up short as I have, then ask yourself what can I do to keep America a great country? Ask yourself how can I bring America back from the dark path it has been following for so long?

It can only be brought back to a moral country with a sound fiscal plan by us, not the politicians. The politicians will only do what they can for themselves unless we hold their feet to the fire and make them do their job properly. It all starts with us, we have to change America.

If you want to have Fourth of July celebrations in America’s future where we can celebrate freedom and morality then we need to act and act NOW! If you want your children and your children’s children to have what we had, then we need to fight for it. Freedom has never been free and it never will be. It takes sacrifices. The sacrifices must come in all types, sizes and shapes. You may not be asked to lay down your life for America but you can make sacrifices all the same. We can all make sacrifices in our own way.

All those who have sacrificed throughout the years need not have sacrificed in vain, if we all step up and make our own sacrifices. There has been an unimageable amount of American bloodshed to make this country what it was created to be, let’s not make their sacrifices null and void by our inaction.

But first make this Fourth of July one to be remembered throughout the ages, one you can proudly talk about with your grandchildren. Make it one that rekindles the patriot deep within you. Celebrate with all the excitement of the first one celebrated by our founding fathers. Celebrate like it is 1776 all over again.-BJMJr





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