3. Racism: The American Story: The Cure

December 3, 2012


This is the third part of my series on racism in America and in this the last part I will dwell on how to cure the racism disease that is becoming an epidemic in America. If you haven’t read the two previous articles you may want to go back and read them first. They are more about a history lesson than an analytical breakdown but they do shed a lot of light on the American racist of the past and today. Here are the links to the two previous articles for you to indulge, if you see fit to do so.

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Before we can cure something we must know more about the disease itself and how it grows. We need to know how it feeds and multiplies. That is what I have attempted here in this part of the story.

There is little chance that we will ever be able to stop the racial unrest, because we are swimming against the rip tide from the news media and the left’s race baiting talking points. We are also fighting against the human nature because those with hatred in their hearts want to have the hatred in their hearts. If you really want to stop racism then remove the hatred and replacing it with love. That will probably never happen because the racist loves the hatred and thrives on it, just like his party of choice does.

If you want to stop racism in America then stop voting for it, stop voting for the liberals who are the very root of the racial division in America. There always will be racism in America as long as the left is allowed to control the media, as well as a large part of our government. As long as the vast majority of the populous believes everything they see and hear on the evening news, there will be racism in America. As long as the left is controlling our education system and using it to dumb down the populous, there will be racism in America. As long as we allow all this to happen, there will be racism in America.

So if you want to stop racism in America then start with yourself and stop allowing it within yourself and within those around you. Speak up when you hear blatant racism, write to someone when you read it and rethink racism when you think it. However never go looking for it because then you become part of the problem and you are bordering on racism with your actions. It is not under every rock or behind every bush and sometimes what we perceive as racism is just an innocent slip of the tongue. If you obsess about racism then you are being a racist yourself.

Remember what Jesus said to Peter in Matthew 18:21-22:

21 Then Peter came and said to Him, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?” 22 Jesus *said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.”

Also remember what he said to Peter in Mark 11:25:

25 “Whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father who is in heaven will also forgive you your transgressions.”

When you obsess and go on a racist witch hunt, you can’t have forgiveness in your heart. You can forgive without forgetting but you can’t forgive if you don’t let it go at some point. Obsessing is not forgiving. That is one of the big differences between the left and the right; the left never forgives or forgets… ever. Just look at the way they perceive slavery of the past today.  They are still looking for revenge for something that didn’t even happen to them personally and for something that happened over 150 years ago. They are so bent on revenge that they won’t ever be happy until someone, anyone pays for what happened so long ago, and to someone they didn’t even know. How can we ever hope to have racial harmony if they can’t let go of something so foreign to all of us?

I know most African American haven’t been given the same opportunities as most whites but a person can make their own opportunities if they would only try. The problem is that it is easier to eat the fish than go fishing. I know because I grew up in real poverty and had to fight my way up out of poverty. It took a lot of hard work on my part and a hand up by the government for an educational opportunity. Notice I said a hand up, not a hand out! I was not on welfare EVER nor did I receive food stamps. The opportunity and assistance only came while I was in school and ended when school ended. The government per say, taught me how to fish and because of that I have been feeding myself every day since. That is where all our “welfare dollars” should be going to, not hand outs.

Our economy depends on a workforce that is ready, willing and capable of doing the required jobs. We should be training the unfortunate to be self-sufficient, not dependent. We need to free the slaves from their economic bondage. We need to end the racially based preferential treatments for any and all things in America. We need to end the racial divide in America.

I could have easily lived my live on welfare by laying around the house and hanging with the boys but I wanted more out of life. I wanted to have pride in myself. I wanted to accomplish something, anything. Our school systems no longer teach students to have pride in themselves but instead it teaches them to have pride in the collective. The liberal agenda collapses when the individuals feel their own self worth and act on it. The racial divide is fueled by the liberal agenda in America which is to create a collective for everyone where the individual is nothing without the collective. It is the very same mentality from the alien race of the Borg in the Star Trek series. I’m sure the Borg’s motto holds true for the liberals as well, which is “Resistance is futile.” But we must resist and we must do it right down to our very last breathe if necessary.

I hope I have enlightened you into the racial divide in America and the prospect of resolving the differences between the two sides. By the way I’m not saying there aren’t some racists on the right, because there are and they are racists for the very same reasons as the left. The only difference is the reasons they “give” to justify their racism. It doesn’t matter if you are on the left or the right, if you are a racist, then you are a racist. The problem is making the racist see himself in the mirror for what he really is. The racist never sees the racism in himself; it takes someone to open his eyes. You will never open their eyes while you own hatred and racism in your heart.  It can only be done with love, forgiveness and understanding in your heart. I know that is a tall order, but if you don’t at least try it you will never know if it will work. It probably won’t work every time but if it works at least once it would have been worth it, besides you will be better for it. Don’t let the racist pull you down into hell with him because there is nothing he would like more than to be able to do that. Keep the love in your heart even when confronted with the most vile, evil racism. Also remember than you should hate the racism but love the racist because the racist is a person too, although a misguided person. When I say love them I don’t mean hug and kiss, them but feel pity and shame for them but don’t hate them.

I want to leave everyone with these few simple words that everyone would live by and if they would we won’t have racism.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…” The Declaration of Independence



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