Why Are Guns Killing Our Children?

December 14, 2012


Have you ever wondered why the shootings have escalated lately? Each shooter is trying to one up the previous shooter. Shootings in schools were unheard of years ago but now they are rapidly becoming an annual event. The first shooters were typically students of the school. Now the shooters are no longer the fellow students but adults who have little affiliations to the school. Don’t you wonder why that is?

It all has to do with shock and awe. The shooters want to make a statement and the bigger the shock and awe, the bigger the statement. They want to shock us with the most grotesque events possible. What better way to do that than by killing the most innocent among us? When adults are killed it shocks us, but it doesn’t hit us in the gut like when a very young child is killed. The shootings started outside schools then moved to high schools, but now it have moved to elementary schools. The new shooters need more shock and awe so they aim at even younger victims.

These sick shooters know all this and they are looking for the best possible shock and awe that they can generate. These are very sick people who can’t get the gratification from their own lives that they wish. Thus they get it from making a horrific scene on the news. They want to make themselves known to the world, and since they are incapable of doing it in normal channels, they do it in violent channels. They have no self esteem, no sense of worth and have no idea on how to obtain self respect.

This is what you get when you teach students that it isn’t what you can accomplish, but what the group can accomplish. You basically remove the individual’s self worth and individuality. You make the robot students who can’t think logically for themselves. Therefore the students think illogically and come to the conclusion that they can be SOMEBODY if they kill enough people and get their names on the news. It is all about being important. They don’t feel important so they make themselves important at the expense of the lives of others.

These adults were students once and they grew up in our school system and were indoctrinated with the same ideology as our present day students. They were taught this lack of self worth and in adulthood they were unable to adapt that ideology into the real world. They couldn’t accept the fact that they were worthless so they had to prove their self-worth the easy way, at someone else’s expense.

If they were taught that they were worth something and could accomplish something while in school, then this wouldn’t happen. If someone feels their own power and their own self-worth then they find a way to be successful. They won’t need to go looking for importance behind a gun. They won’t need to take their importance form others.

I blame our school systems and their agenda for all these shootings. They have been programming these students for years and have created an army of shooters with no self-worth. There will be many, many more shootings in the future and expect the number of events to increase in frequency as well. If you doubt me, then I ask you consider this, how many students have been indoctrinated with this mentality and how many are waiting for their free ride from the collective and haven’t gotten it? How many are desperate for recognition but get none? How many are stewing right now waiting to take their power from others?

Unfortunately, I feel there is little we can do to stop these preprogrammed assassins from taking the leap into infamy. The great theory in our lustrous news media is that guns are killing our children. We all know that a gun can’t do anything without a person behind it. A gun is a tool, nothing more. Just like any tool it can’t create a masterpiece or a disaster without the “artist” using it. We don’t credit the paintbrush with creating masterpieces, so why would we credit the gun with the deaths? You could outlaw every single gun in the world and it won’t make a bit of difference in deaths by guns.

How can anyone believe that making guns illegal will make them unobtainable? How has it worked for marijuana, crack or any other illegal drug? Making something illegal makes the criminal richer. Making guns illegal only makes it safer for the criminal, not the victim.

The problem isn’t within the gun but within our education system. The present economic situation of America only exacerbates the problem. When people feel worthless and the economy reinforces that with the jobless rate, you will have more and more people going off the deep end. So don’t be surprised when you hear of more and more of these events in the future. It will be the norm before you know it, unless we can reach these misguided ex-students and give them some self-respect and self-worth.

Anyone who thinks that people are only killed with guns and we can stop the killings by banning guns maybe they should look around the world and see the reality. In China, where guns are illegal there has been a rash of knife attacks at schools. Eight children killed on March 23, 2010. Twenty-eight children stabbed on April 29, 2010. Seven children injured on May 12, 2010. Nine students injured on May 18, 2010. Eight children injured during August 2010 with a box cutter. One young girl at a nursery was killed and another child injured in September 2011. Twenty-two school children were wounded with a knife just last week.

It’s not just China because at a Beslan school in Russia, where guns are illegal, 1100 people were taken hostage with 777 of them being children. The Russian military intervened and 380 people were killed.

These are just some examples of school violence around the world, which are available to anyone who wants to look for the truth and cares to really research the problem. I would also point out that all these examples come from countries that teach the same agenda as our school system. They teach the importance of the collective not the individual. It is the Communist agenda that we are fighting, not guns. If someone is that distraught about their situation and doesn’t see any worth in themselves, then it won’t matter if he has a gun or not, they will find a way to take power. They will find their self-worth any way they can and at anyone’s expense, even the most innocent.




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