A God Fearing Nation

October 26, 2012

America is a God fearing nation, or is it? Once we had “In God We Trust” plastered all over everything American, but no more. Once we had prayer in our schools, but no more. Once we had The Ten Commandments displayed in court houses all across America, but no more. Once we were able to display our Christian beliefs in public, but no more. Once all Americans respected all forms of human life, but no more. Once America feared God and respected His word, but no more. Once America was a Godly country, but no more. Once upon a time…

Yes it does sound almost like a fairytale but it wasn’t, it was reality… once.  America was great when the “fairytale” was a reality, but no more. As America walked away from God, God walked away from America. No nation can be great for any length of time without God, and no nation can become great without God.

It takes the fear of God to make a nation great.  Fear is the most pronounced motivator that can prompt people to do the right thing. No nation can be great without doing what is right. Sure love motivates people to do things, but fear keeps us from doing many things that we shouldn’t do even if we could possibly get away with it.

Fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Fear keeps all of us from dying an early and stupid death. So why should the fear of God necessarily be a bad thing? A lot of people make fun of the expression “fear of God” because they don’t really want to love Him in the first place. Fear is a huge part of love. Anyone who has ever loved someone has also experienced fear from that love. There is the fear of what could happen to your loved ones. There is the fear of what could happen if your loved one stopped loving you. There is the fear of disappointing your loved one. There is the fear of doing something that could make you lose your loved one.

When you were a child weren’t you afraid of one or more of your parents? If not then you should have been. You should have been afraid of the disciplinarian parent for fear of their discipline. You should have been afraid of disappointing both of your parents. You should have been afraid of what your parents thought of you. However, that was a good fear not the bad terrifying kind of fear.

The fear of God is not a terrifying fear, unless you are ungodly. The fear of God is a loving fear. We should be afraid of disappointing Him. We should be afraid of losing Him. We should be afraid of His discipline. But we should not be terrified by His discipline unless we deserve His raft.

America has lost any fear of God and that is why America has lost its greatness. It will continue to decline unless it respects the fear of God again. A nation’s greatness is directly proportional to its fear of God. Our present leadership has obviously lost all fear of God because it is doing all it can to remove God from our vocabulary. It is doing all it can to make Islam the national religion while removing Christianity as a religion in America.

So for the fear of God please go to the voting booth in November and vote with the fear of God in your heart so that God can come back to America. When you are voting, remember that voting for this administration is voting against the fear of God and for the destruction of America. Also, remember that a vote for a third party candidate is an indirect vote for this administration. You may be able to justify your action for voting for a third party but you need to weigh the consequences of your actions against the actions of voting for the only possible candidate that can remove this administration. Please ask yourself if you right to vote your heart is worth the price of America? Then for the fear and love of God vote FOR America’s sake.



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