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March 1, 2013



AmericanMoralityComboLet’s just say for argument’s sake that the atheists are right and there is no God. That way we can explore that scenario more in-depth, in reference to morality. If there is no God, then who is the highest authority on good or evil? That would have to be man. If man decides what is good and what is evil, then what makes one man’s value of good and evil better than anyone else’s?

If man is the highest authority when it comes to morality, then who would have the right to tell anyone else what they should and shouldn’t do? What would make one person more right than another? In this scenario the only thing that would dictate morality is power.  Those with power would tell others what is good and evil. However, having power doesn’t make you any better at deciding true morality, and in most cases it actually does the opposite. Power almost always corrupts one’s morality. Why would anyone ever want a national leader to dictate morality? There are few world leaders with any morality worth admiring, so they do not make an acceptable moral compass or morality dictator. If there was no God then who should decide what is and isn’t moral?

You could say that society could and should dictate morality, which is very close to what happens in almost every nation on earth. The only problem with that is that society accepts morality based on what is the norm for their society. The norm has really nothing to do with deep moral issues or what is right and wrong, but instead it has everything to do with what the public will accept. Regardless of how immoral an act may be, society will accept it based solely on the consensus of the societys’ members. Morality is usually dictated by what each society considers acceptable behavior or on what they think they can get away with. What they deem as acceptable is based mostly on what the people have done in the past, not on what they should do. For example some countries have moral standards that say if a young girl is raped she could and should be killed. This particular morality has been accepted in more countries than most Americans realize. It was acceptable in Japan prior to America morality creeping into their society. It is still acceptable in most Islamic nations today.  This is just one example of what most Americans would not call a morally sound policy for society. Most Americans would find such policies to be reprehensible and immoral.  That is because American’s morality were founded on Biblical teachings. Some would say that America would be just as moral without God, but that is definitely not true.

Don’t even try to justify the fact that societies like America’s would be moral without God by saying that our society would choose a higher moral ground to stand on. You can’t do that because you don’t know what our society would be like without God. That argument cannot be used because western society, as a whole has pretty much based its morality on Christian values which came from God. That means you can’t say we would be the same moral society today if Christianity or God didn’t exist. There is little chance we would have morals even close to those we have now, if it had not been for the Bible.

TenCommandments_Parchment_Every single concept about morality in America is based on a concept from the Bible. There is no way of telling what the world would be like today if there was never a Bible. But I think it would be easy to guess, some of the visions that come to mind are from the Wild West and the Dark Ages. Without a higher authority than man, then man could justify any action in his own mind, and as such, it would be a no holds barred world, where everyone had their own set of morals. Wars are fought all the time because of morality clashes and because of that I believe the world would be a much more violent place if God didn’t exist.

Actually I believe there is a way to tell what the world would be like, if there was no God or if man had no concept of God. Have you ever heard of children being raised in the wild, all on their own, with no influence from other humans? I’m sure you have and those children are a prime example of what the world would be like. They learn everything from instinct and experiences in the wild. They have no concept of morality. In their world good is anything that gives them pleasure and bad is anything that gives them pain. It doesn’t matter to them if someone else is hurt. It doesn’t matter to them if someone else is killed. It only matters what happens to them. This proves that man’s morality is taught, not instinctive. These children have no concept of morality because no one has taught them morality.

This proves that man doesn’t have a genetic inherit moral compass; so where does man’s moralityMoralCompassAPP come from? In America today, morality is taught by our parents, teachers, TV, Internet and society. But where did they learn their morality? They learned it from those same sources in their informative years just by watching and learning from others. Each generation learns morality from the same sources, and their surroundings influences their moral outcome.  If you follow this chain back generation after generation, all the way back to the source you will find that our morality today came directly from the Bible, or at least it did once, but it is rapidly coming from another source. However, that is a topic for another discussion and I won’t get into that now.

Since America’s morality originally came from the Bible, that means the source is Biblical text, which is the Word of God, not man. I know that some will say that some “smart men” really came up with what we consider as our morality, but if that is so then those same men would have to be the writers of the Bible because that is the origin of our morality. If those so called “smart men” wrote the Bible, then their superior intelligence must have told them that man needed God or they wouldn’t have written the Bible with a God in it, in the first place.

Those same “smart men” would have realized that man wasn’t responsible enough to dictate his own morality. They would have been smart enough to know that man needed a higher authority to answer to. They would have been smart enough to know that there had to be a higher authority or morality really didn’t matter. They would have also been smart enough to know that if man was given a choice then more often than not, he would choose a morality that would fit his own agenda and not one with a true moral compass for the betterment of mankind as a whole. Morality is much more than just what we see as good and evil. It is a state of mind. A person can appear morally sound by their visible “moral” actions, but deep down inside they can be morally bankrupt and truly evil. We see this all the time with people we respect and admire doing immoral acts.

I’m sure there will be some “smart” people out there, who will say that morality doesn’t have to have anything to do with religion and that it actually has nothing to do with religion. These are the people who claim people can be moral without being religious. Which is correct if you subscribe to man’s ideas of morality. If you accept society’s or man’s morality as your moral compass, then yes you would be correct, but that doesn’t make that morality more moral than say a Muslim’s morality, a head hunter’s morality or a Satanist’s morality. It is true that society dictates morality by its acceptance of the behavior of its members. You may say that man’s morality is just common sense, but the only thing common about it is that societies of men make it common to their societies. The only thing sensible about man’s morality is the sense it makes to each individual member of society.

I have shown how morality is not a genetic trait, but instead it has to be learned. I have shown how our morality is based on Biblical values and teachings. I have shown that without God, no one’s morality is any better than anyone else’s morality. I have shown how man’s morality is always corruptible and untrustworthy. I have shown how true morality must have come from God, not man because man isn’t qualified to say what is moral and what isn’t moral.

America was founded on God’s morality and it has based its society on God’s morality for two hundred plus years. I previously alluded to the fact that America’s morality is changing and it is because God is being taken out of the equation. In America today a liberal society is dictating America’s new morality, where it is moral to kill unborn babies. But yet it is moral to have sex as many times as you wish with as many people as you wish. It is also fine to lie, cheat or steal as long as you don’t get caught. There is even a movement in this country to make it acceptable to have sex with anyone or anything you wish, even with very young children and animals. This is man’s morality and it is what you can expect and more when God is taken out of the equation.


Now I have to ask, how can you not believe there is a God? Biblical morality is more morally sound than anything mere men could ever come up with. Man maybe smart but he isn’t that smart. If any man thinks that he is then he is only fooling himself.


MeCloseUp1This article was written by Bertrum J Meisner Jr. I am not a professional writer. I am just a common every day laborer like most of you. I write from my heart, logic and life experiences. I am a devout Constitutional conservative and Christian. My only degree is in life experiences, which comes from a lifetime of learning from life. I derived my education from being part of this great nation and that has given me more of an education than I could ever get from any text book. I love this country and everything it is supposed to stand for. I write to bring it back to its roots and to help stop the destruction that is coming to this country both morally and physically.

Bertrum James Meisner Jr


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