America’s Outer Limits

June 27, 2012


BY BERTRUM J MEISNER JR–America has reached the outer limits of the freedom zone. There is a sign post up ahead  - your next stop the Socialist Zone! America has come to a turning point in its history and this turning point will define America’s future.  It can turn back to the right and embrace its constitutional roots or it can continue on its present path toward the left and embrace socialist corruption.

The socialist presently control our horizontal and vertical thinking with the news broadcasts. However they do not control our nonlinear thinking or anyone that is so inclined to find nonlinear thinking throughout the web. The socialist hate nonlinear thinking because it is outside of their realm of comprehension and control.  They can only see and think in a linear fashion because they have been programmed to only see and think from the socialist bible.

Nonlinear thinking is nothing more than what is commonly called “thinking outside of the box”. Thinking outside the box is dangerous to socialist because it can’t be controlled.  Those who think outside the box and manage to keep the talking heads inside the “box” from thinking for them, are considered out of control and that is anarchy to socialism.

Control is the socialist’s most powerful tool, without it they are doomed to fail, because without control the individual can break away from the collective and practice freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is the worst possible thing for socialism. Collective thinking, action and distribution are at the heart of socialism and it can’t survive without it.

America is rapidly becoming a collective, with its distribution of wealth, welfare, healthcare, Medicare, Social Security and information distribution. People can no longer expect to be rewarded for their hard work but instead they expect to be rewarded for the hard work of others. There is a much larger return to be had, from the lack of work than from the actual work. The work and sweat of the laborer, takes a toll on the productive worker, while the unemployed can take home a pay check without putting out any effort.  The nonproductive recipient receives a larger percentage of a return on their investment because they have done no work and thus they have virtually no investment.

The average American workers and non-workers alike have become complacent and lazy. They have become obese not only from food but also from personal comforts. When I say Americans have become obese, I’m not just talking about physically but also mentally. American has had the world handed to it on a silver platter and Americans have grown comfortable with that fact.  They have been spoon fed with the luxuries of the world. The government spoon feeds them with groceries, cell phones, housing, medical care, dental care and just about anything else they might want to spend their government issued vouchers on. The “box” continues to spoon feed America the party line and the lazy continue to buy it hook, line and sinker.

Americans have gotten physically and mentally lazy, after all why should anyone work for anything if they can get it free? Why should anyone have to think about anything when the government will do that for you? The government not only thinks for you but decides what is best for you and tells you what to think. It feeds you all the right information so you think along their party line and become obedient ignorant masses of sheep blindly following their leader.

This is why I say we have reached the outer limits of our freedoms because socialism is devouring our freedoms one by one. We are at the breaking point, the breaking point of “The America” we have all loved and embraced as our way of life. If America is allowed to stay on its present path it will not be around much longer. Just like all the other great civilizations in history, it has come to its moment of truth. Will it fall just like all the others have throughout history or will it wake up and find its heart once again?

It can’t find its heart unless it gets off its rear and starts to do its civic duty. America was based on a government that requires participation of its citizens. Without participation and there can be no America, but participation requires more than just voting in a booth every two to four years.  It requires studying the issues and thinking about the issues. It requires citizens with the ability to think for themselves and to decide on the issues for themselves without just mimicking what the “box” says.

America can’t be America if it is filled with just a bunch of lazy parrots who can’t think. America can’t be America as long as it has citizens who continue move toward the collective and away from independence. To be independent, America needs more than just being a country not dependent on another country, it also needs for those within the country to be independent and self sufficient.

Independence is more than just a word to describe someone or something; it is a way of life, a thought process, a deep desire and an ability to be independent in every way. America, it is time for another declaration of independence. It is time for one that declares our independence from socialism and all the laziness that comes with it. America needs to once again stand up and declare its independence or succumb to the tyranny that is about to follow.

America you are at your outer limits and you have lost control of your horizontal and vertical, don’t lose control of your nonlinear or you are doomed to tyranny. Take back control of all that makes you America and do it soon.   —BJMJr



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