Are All Muslims Terrorist?

August 17, 2012


It is probably true that the majority of muslims aren’t violent terrorist, but does that really make any difference for America? Do you realize that when America became a free country in 1776, that only about 3% of the population actually took up arms in rebellion against England, while 40-45% actually supported the cause? That 3% could never have won the war without the support of the other 40-45% behind them.  In the king’s eyes he only saw those 3% as acting terrorists; just like the America government today only sees the muslims who are actually committing terror acts as acting terrorist. But don’t be fooled, that 40-45% were just as guilty of the rebellion as the 3% and the supporting muslims are just as guilty as the actual bombers.

What about that other 60-55% who didn’t support the rebellion? They may not have supported the cause but they didn’t rebel when America won its independence. They didn’t take up arms against independence after it was all over. What did they do? They accepted the fact that America was no longer part of the British Empire and became part of the great American experiment. The nonviolent muslims will do the same thing because it is human nature to do so. They will join in with the violent muslims and accept their form of governing and oppression.

There may be a lot of muslims who may not support the terrorist but you can bet that the majority would support Shari law if given the choice. It’s not the terrorist we need to worry about it is silent majority that is our biggest threat.  The terrorist will never assimilate us but the gradual growing population of muslims in America will.  So unless you are willing to live under Shari Law you need to find a way to stop its encroachment into our legal system. If you don’t think this is happening then you must be living under a rock because it is happening in every state in this country and it is increasing even while you are reading this very article.  

It is possible to reach out to muslims to try to convert them to Christianity but the numbers of converts will probably be minimal compared the total number of muslims.  If and when Shari law becomes the law of the land you can bet that you will find it harder and harder to “reach out” to the muslims without losing your head. So if anyone wants to reach them and save them, then they better get started now while it is still legally possible.

God tells us to love everyone but that doesn’t mean we have to blindly trust and befriend everyone.  You can love your enemy and still not trust your enemy, although it might be a little hard to do so. God doesn’t expect us to let our guard down because he also tells us to always be wary and watchful of evil. Make no mistake about it; their “so called” religion is evil. It was created out of a need for power and wealth from a twisted perverted individual. It is a distortion of the Bible that manipulates Biblical events and people to justify a sick person’s needs. Their prophet has been called peaceful but history shows us a different picture of the man, who was nothing more than a warlord who always had conquest on his mind.

It is a belief system based on materialism not a spiritualism because the entire reward system is based on material gains or rewards on earth and in the afterlife. It doesn’t teach love for fellow man but instead it teaches hatred for those who don’t believe the exact same thing as they do. It teaches materialism at such a high level that even women are considered pieces of property.

One of the rewards for dying in one of their jihad wars is having virgins to serve your needs. Where do these virgins come from are they from earthly virgins? If so then how does that reward the virgins for their innocent life? I don’t think being made into someone’s heavenly slave is a very good reward for a life so pure. Virgins or any woman being made a reward or prize for muslim men exposes the materialistic nature of their faith system is.

It has the same goal as Christianity in a way, but in a distorted way. Christianity has the goal of conversion of as many nonbelievers as possible. Muslims also have a goal of converting as many nonbelievers as possible but they take it one step further, by requiring the control of every human on the planet even nonbelievers. Christians believe in “free will” meaning it is your choice to be a Christian or not. If you don’t accept Christianity then so be it and you allowed to go in peace to live your life as you please. Many muslims believe it is their duty to first try to convert you and if that fails then you must be either enslaved or killed.

They have zero tolerance for any other belief system. For them it MUST be world domination regardless of how that happens, another words the end justifies the means. They don’t care who is hurt or killed just as long as in the end, they are the only religion left standing on the face of planet. They not only are intolerant to other religions but to other factions within their own religion. They will kill another faction just as fast as they will kill a Christian group. When was the last time you heard of that among any other religion? How many Methodists, Lutheran, Catholics, Baptists or any other Christian Church groups have you heard of going around killing other Christian groups? How many Buddhists have killed other Buddhists because of religious differences? How many Hindu have killed other Hindu for that reason? 

Their intolerance is much higher than any other religion on the planet. If you think it was bad for Mr. Cathy to speak his mind about gay marriage, well heaven forbid you ever have the privilege to see how the muslim world feels about gays in general. Mr. Cathy has never said anything in respect to hating or wishing harm to any gay person on the planet. The muslim world can’t make that claim because if they have their way every gay person on the planet would be executed.

But I am getting slightly off topic here, so getting back on track, the small percentage who are categorized as terrorist may not seem to be a world threat but don’t be mistaken they are. Just like in 1776 the “three percenters” in American ran the predominate world power at the time, the British Empire out of America; the terrorist minority can do the same today to the American world power. It is becoming increasingly easier for them while America is turning a blind eye to their threat.

Not only are Americans blindly ignoring the threat, but our government and media are intentionally downplaying the threat. Our leaders in government and in the news agencies continually coddle and praise them. They call them the religion of peace all the while nearly every nation with any large muslim population is almost always in turmoil or a conflict of some sort. They also execute and persecute more people every year than any other religion on the face of the earth, but for some reason they are still called the religion of peace.

The “religion of peace” what a noble title but how has their religion ever warranted such a title? First how is it really a religion when it is much closer to a system of governing?  Secondly how can it be about peace when nearly every government under their influence is in a continual conflict of some kind.  Thirdly how can it be about peace when they advocate SO much violence against women and non-believers? If I was a woman living within their religion I would live my entire life in constant fear. Peaceful religions do not use violence as they first approach but Islam does. Peaceful religions forgive, Islam does not forgive but instead it goes out of its way for revenge. Peaceful religions are tolerant of other religions; Islam is totally intolerant of ALL other religions.

You may not be able to categorize every muslim as a violent terrorist but you can categorize them as a threat to our American way of life and security. In a way they are a terrorist but a not in a violent way but in a social way. They are threatening our society and our government in a silent way. They threaten with a different kind of terrorism, assimilation terrorism.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

 This is the real threat to America is not the bombers. Bombers can kill people but the assimilation can not only kill people but it can also enslave all those who are left alive.  That is why we can’t stand by and allow the encroachment of Shari into our law books or Islam into our schools. It is bad enough that they are multiplying like rabbits and all the while we are reducing our population. They are increasing sometimes at a rate ten times our rate of reproduction. That alone is enough to overrun us in the future.

When you take into account what they are doing, even without taking violent actions against us, it isn’t hard to categorize all muslims as terrorist. Terrorism comes in all shapes and sizes. The very thought of muslim world domination strikes terror in my heart. I know some people who believe in the Islamic religion and they are peaceful people but it is hard to know whether they believe in the world domination concept or not. I can bet you though, that if they truly believe in their religion, then they will want their religion to be the dominate, if not THE only religion in the world. That belief places them into the silent nonviolent terrorist group.  After all if a person truly believes in their religion as the true religion then why wouldn’t they want to convert everyone to their religion? Why wouldn’t they want to share this wisdom with the rest of the world? Why wouldn’t they want their religion to be the only religion on the face of the planet?

 Yes, I think every muslim is a terrorist at heart whether they realize it or not because they cause terror in the hearts of Christians the world over, even if they don’t commit terroristic acts. Their “religion” is a religion of terror not love and their goal of world domination is a terror plot that should strike fear into the heart of every non-muslim on the planet. They are taking over the world one child at a time just by their reproductive practices alone. That terrorizes me.  They may not be intentional terrorist but they are terrorists none the less. Their religion is a Christian’s worst nightmare and that is terror enough for me. BJMJr



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