Are You a Secret Racist?

June 13, 2012

BY Bertrum J Meisner Jr–Why is it that the liberals can’t give up the race card? A reporter for the New York Times, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz has now found a way to prove, at least he says he has, that racism did and will play a major factor in past and future presidential elections. He claims that he and Google can tell how racial bias an area of the country is, just by looking at what words are searched on the internet.

 I wonder just how scientific is their method? Let us say I’m a black person and I search for the “N” word, according to their scientific methods that would register as a racist indication.  Now do you think a black person searching for that word on the internet indicates that he is racist against black people?  That is what this “research” suggests.

Consider also, those who are doing research on black history, if they are being diligent then they would possibly use that word for their search for data. I do agree that most white people who are not racist would be reluctant to use that word for anything let alone a search for data. But just because a person does search for the word on the internet, that doesn’t make them a racist. 

I bet that atheists search for the word “God” all the time on the internet, how else would they be able to learn about God? You can bet they aren’t attending Sunday school. Does their search make them religious fanatics? If I searched the internet for the word “Jew”, does that make me a racist against Jews?  If I searched the internet for “drugs” does that make me a drug addict? Just because I search the internet for something, that doesn’t prove that I have positive or negative feelings about the subject.

Has he even considered the fact that people are curious and search for all kinds of things even things they are uncomfortable about, because they wouldn’t dare ask anyone out of fear of being called names? Sometimes one has to do an unpleasant thing in order to learn about unpleasant things. That doesn’t make one a racist. People search for all kinds of things on the internet, for all kinds of reasons and to categorize all the searches one way or another is narrow minded and biased.

He has taken a huge leap by calling someone a racist just because they searched for a word on the internet, but then liberals are quick to make that leap all the time. I don’t know if Mr. Stephens-Davidowitz is a liberal or conservative but I do know what his paper’s political inclination is. So why would he or his paper want to start calling people racists at this time in our history?

It seems obvious to me that the liberals see possible losses at the voting booths come November and they are setting the stage to blame racism on Obama’s possible loss. They ignore his mismanagement of our government as a possible reason for his loss.

They can’t accept the fact that he has been a terrible president and America is fed up with him and his socialist destruction of America. They can’t accept the fact that America might genuinely not like him as president and want him out. They can’t accept the fact that he has lied to America over and over again. They can’t accept the fact that he has done more damage to America in three years than all of the other presidents combined.  They can’t accept the possibility that the voters are looking past his skin color and instead they are seeing his heart as the problem not his race.

They can’t accept the facts because they don’t see it as damage, but rather progress. They see his work as making progress toward a new socialist state. He has trampled the Constitution at every turn but claims to support it. He isn’t working for American values but socialist values. The liberals agree with this new value system and thus see his work as a “holy”. They will always blame racism for his failures, after all he is their savior therefore he can do no wrong.

Before he took office he promised to be the most transparent president America had ever seen and he has been just that but not in the manner we were lead to believe. He is very transparent with his lies, his backdoor deals, his disregard for Constitutional law, his disregard for judiciary rulings, his disregard for the wants of the American people, his disregard for recovering our economy or budget and his total disregard for America and what she stands for. He is so transparent that it is easy to see what he really stands for and what he is working for and that is not the American dream nor is it anything American.

If disagreeing with his policies and his goals makes me a racist then call me a racist because standing up for America and all she stands for is what I believe in and that doesn’t include some man who is has been hyped up by the media to the level of being worshipped like a god. I will not worship him or praise him because he hasn’t done anything worthy of praise; unless you want to count how far down the drain he has dragged America. That is all he has accomplished.

There is one little tidbit of information that we CAN get from his article. He is talking totally about racism within the Democratic Party. That is something that I feel is very dominate within the Democratic Party. He bases his conclusions on how Obama didn’t receive ALL of the Democratic votes that a previous Democratic candidate received and he blames that to racism. He is not talking about conservative voters that voted based on racist views but instead his talking about Democratic Party voters who didn’t vote for Obama because of their racists views. That means he freely admits that there is a racist faction within the Democratic Party.

Conservatives have been saying trying to wake up voters to this fact for centuries but they have always been ignored. The Democratic Party is a party of two faced racists and it has been since its conception. I wonder if his article will be recalled once they realize that his is calling some Democratic voters racist. That isn’t what the liberals want because they would have you believe that ALL racists are conservatives and all conservatives are racist. BMJR


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