As for the Fiscal Cliff…. I Say Jump

January 1, 2013


Everyone is talking about the fiscal cliff that we are bound to fall off of tomorrow. Let’s talk about that “cliff.” How did we get on a cliff in the first place? I know that every time you see a representation of this cliff, it shows nice level ground and then all of a sudden there is vast open void in the landscape where this proverbial cliff resides.

They would have you believe that we have been coasting along on nice level financial ground, but that is not the case. It is far from the reality that we are facing and have been facing for a long time. On the contrary, that cliff is nowhere near level ground. It is on the side of a mountain, a mountain that our government has been dragging us up for decades.

That mountain is a mountain of debt created by their reckless spending. The more debt our government accumulates, the higher up the mountain we MountianOfSpendingSkrankare dragged. The higher up the mountain we go, then the higher that fiscal cliff is from that nice level financial ground. They would have you believe that the financial solvency or the level ground is so close by and all we have to do is take a side step to avoid it. If we take a side step, all we are doing is climbing higher and higher up that mountain. That is what we have been doing all long, which means that the bottom is getting further and further away from us.

When you are on a mountain there are typically two ways of getting to level ground. One way is to climb back down, and the other is to jump. Either way you get back to level ground. Our economy can only be on level financial ground if we get off the mountain. The logical thing to do is climb down off this mountain of debt, but this administration has no plans of doing any such thing. They refuse to cut any entitlements which are the core of the national debt. That leaves us with only the alternative.

Just like mountain climbing we have two directions to travel, up or down. We can either climb higher up the mountain of debt or travel down to the level ground of fiscal normalcy. Since the administration refuses to climb down or even give up any altitude on the mountain of debt, then we are left with only one choice.

I say let’s take a leap of faith and step off the cliff. Apparently the only way the President has left us to get off this mountain of debt is straight down the cliff, so everyone grab a hold of your wallets because we have a long way to fall.  Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on point of view, our fiscal cliff is on the side of our mountain of debt and as you know, mountains aren’t straight up or down, so our fall will probably be stopped by another cliff. But at least it will be lower down that mountain of debt.

It will hurt when we fall, but at least it will get us closer to financial level ground. It may take several cliffs before we can get to a grade of fiscal responsibility that is acceptable, but that is better than climbing the mountain. No matter how high you climb the mountain, sooner or later you always have to come down and if you do have to jump to get down then you have to jump. Remember it is always better to be closer to the bottom than it is to be closer to the top.

If they do get an agreement and avoid jumping off the cliff you can bet that we will lose. It is already a foregone conclusion that the average tax payer next year will have a tax increase of about $3400 even if they get an agreement. If Congress doesn’t get an agreement that added tax will be even more. No matter what happens tonight, we the tax payers are getting thrown off the cliff.

You know that no matter what happens in Congress, our government is going to continue to climb that the mountain of spending debt. They show no signs of cutting any spending, but on the contrary they are trying to increase their spending. If the American people don’t do something soon about this run away government then it won’t be long before our government pushes all of us off the cliff.

Don’t be surprised when you heard about another fiscal cliff in the near future because as long as we continue to climb the mountain, then we will be facing fiscal cliffs, only higher ones. That is until we reach the peak at which time it will be too late to climb down. Once you reach the peak all you can do is fall off the other side of the mountain and that will bring the ultimate collapse of our economy and country.

Don’t be fooled that is what this administration is working for. It is working as hard as it can to get to the top of the mountain of debt spending. It doesn’t care about fiscal responsibility because if it did then they would be working to balance the budget. Haven’t you noticed how there is zero talk about a budget or spending cuts, but plenty of talk about taxes? You can tax every person in this country 100% and it wouldn’t make a dent in the national debt. Taxes are not the answer; spending cuts are the only hope for America.

Our government has gone rogue because it isn’t fiscally responsible, it isn’t constitutionally responsible, and it isn’t voter/taxpayer responsible. Their actions display so vividly that Washington is no longer the seat of a government of the people and for the people. It is a government of elitist and tyrants. No one stopped them when Congress made laws for the masses, all the while exempting themselves from those same laws. So why should anyone be surprised when they throw us off the cliff? I hope everyone has grabbed a parachute, because we are all going to need one soon.


Bertrum J Meisner Jr



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