Be Thankful In Your Heart

November 25, 2013

Being thankful requires more than just saying thank you.

 There was a time in America where saying thank you was ThankYousalmost a tradition for everything we did. I can remember vividly when I was young that every time I neglected to say thank you, there was an immediate response of “What do you say?” These days the “thank yous” come less frequently and usually when they do come, they aren’t heart felt but rather robotic in nature.  We mouth the words but don’t think or feel the sentiment.

ChalkThanfulIt is almost that time of year where we all are expected to be thankful, yes it is almost Thanksgiving Day. Almost everyone in this country will be involved in the thankfulness custom. We will have speeches, prayers, sermons and even blogs about it. I have nothing against the practice but I do have something against the hypocritical way it is exploited by most people.

How many people do you know that sit down to a Thanksgiving Day dinner and make the “thankful” talk but then the next day or even the day before complain about what they don’t have or do have? Being thankful shouldn’tThankfulSecond ever be a one day event, it should always be a lifetime event. That is one of the things I have against “special holidays”. These special days allow people to feel good about themselves one day of the year even when they have been bad all the other days of the year. That’s not true thankfulness that is putting on a front for the festive occasion.

It is so easy to stand up and say I’m thankful for the things I have but it is a much harder thing to actually feel thankful. Thankyou1Being thankful is a state of mind that should always be influencing our actions and I emphasize ALWAYS in that statement. If we are truly thankful then we will be less likely to feel jealousy, lust, hatred, sadness, hurt, depression, anxiety or frustration. Thankfulness does however open the door for happiness, contentment, thoughtfulness, acceptance, affection and joy.

If you are thankful you will have a happy demeanor because thankfulness breeds happiness. To be truly thankful you have to be thankful of more than just the things you can see or physically count because those things really don’t count in happiness. It is the things you can’t see that mean the most in being thankful. Things like the love of parents, the love of a spouse, the love of children, the love of a dog, a life filled with good friends, a life filled with satisfaction and the love of a just God can never be counted or touched but they weigh more and are worth more than all the gold in the world.GodHomes

When you are sitting down to your dinner this week and every week from now on, think about how blessed you are and how rich you are. Forget the paycheck, forget the car, forget the house and forget all your “touchables” and remember all your untouchables. That is what being thankful really means. It is a state of mind not the words coming out of your mouth. So be thankful, be happy and not resentful or miserable.



MeCloseUp1This article was written by Bertrum J Meisner Jr. I am not a professional writer. I am just a common every day laborer like most of you. I write from my heart, logic and life experiences. I am a devout Constitutional conservative and Christian. My only degree is in life experiences, which comes from a lifetime of learning from life. I derived my education from being part of this great nation and that has given me more of an education than I could ever get from any text book. I love this country and everything it is supposed to stand for. I write to bring it back to its roots and to help stop the destruction that is coming to this country both morally and physically.

Bertrum James Meisner Jr.


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