Compromise Save America And Lose America

November 16, 2012

All I hear now is compromise… compromise… compromise!!! Just because the election didn’t go the way you wanted it to, that doesn’t mean that you should compromise your values. That is the last thing you should do. If you compromise, then you are giving up and accepting the opposing ideology’s values.

Either you are a soldier for Constitutional values, or you are a traitor to those values. A soldier or patriot never gives up. They fight to the end. The end… where there is nothing left to fight with or for. I personally don’t see the end, not yet, but I can see it in the near future if we don’t continue the fight. If we don’t fight for what we believe in, then who will? If we don’t fight then the end is a lot nearer than we think.

I know this administration is high on their election victory and I know they feel highly empowered, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are wrong and we are right. They want to transform America into a socialist government and they will do any and everything to accomplish that goal. When you compromise with them, you are taking one more step in their direction.  Don’t even look in their direction let alone walk in their direction.  Stand your ground and don’t give an inch. Every inch you give is another mile of loss for America.

There is also a lot of talk about how the Conservative movement needs to be more moderate so America can get by. “Getting by” is not what America needs right now. America needs a strong backbone and strong moral fiber. America is rapidly losing its backbone and its moral compass. We need to make sure it gets both back. Moderation and compromise won’t get you a backbone or a moral compass. America needs a rapid or radical change, not more of the same watered down policies of moderation.

Moderation is what got us where we are today. We have been compromising our freedoms. We have been compromising our values. We have been compromising America’s future. We have been compromising God. When you compromise something it will eventually come back to bite you. America is experiencing the bite from its moderation right now, in the economy and in the loss of Constitutional rights. However, when you compromise God it is a different story because His bite is MUCH worse than His bark. He will never compromise with you or anyone else. He will never compromise His values nor will He compromise His judgment. So why should you?

God would never want you to compromise your values and He definitely wouldn’t want you to compromise Him. Either you believe in your ideals or not. Either you believe in God or not. If you truly believe in something you MUST stand by those beliefs or those beliefs are worthless. If your beliefs are worthless then more than likely you are worthless. Compromise is surrendering, nothing more. If you are compromising then you are betraying your beliefs and yourself. Don’t be a traitor.

God has revealed His feelings about moderation in the book of Revelation. It isn’t surprising that His feelings about moderation are revealed in the same book that talks about the later days. That should also give you thought about compromising during these troubling times in history.

Revelation 3:16
So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.”

To be a moderate is to be lukewarm, there is no difference. In God’s eyes there is only the left and the right, anything in between isn’t worth His trouble. The left and the right are at least willing to stand by what they believe in, even if they are wrong. That is called conviction which is admirable, but indecisiveness or wishy-washy is not admirable. Moderation is compromising.

I know some will say if we don’t compromise then the economy is doomed. Then maybe doom is the best thing for America. This so-called “fiscal cliff” we are about to fall off is nothing more than spending cuts on the government’s spending. I ask what is the number one problem with our economy? There’s little doubt that government spending is the number one problem with our government. Our government has caused most of the economic issues we face by it’s spending habits. Our present government spends money like they can print more of it any time they like, and they do. Spending or printing money doesn’t help a debt deceit. Therefore I say that the “fiscal cliff” maybe the best thing for America. We have to rein in the government spending one way or another. If this is the only way we can do it then I say, do it.

Why should we compromise by allowing more of what has been the biggest problem in government?  Why should we compromise on what we know to be true? The truth is government spending is a large part of our problem. So why should we care if some of that spending is automatically halted? So why should we compromise anything? Compromise is what has gotten us into this mess in the first place. That should tell you something about compromising.

Do you think God would compromise? Do you think God would want you to compromise?  God always stands with those who stand with Him. But you can’t stand with Him if you compromise or are a moderate or “lukewarm”.

America has compromised enough! Americans have compromised enough! Congress has compromised enough! If we must compromise our beliefs then we might as well give up our beliefs. If you give the devil an inch he will take the world. Don’t give him a fraction of an inch. Fight tooth and nail to the bitter end and in the end you will win, God will see to it.

Every time you compromise you lose and evil wins, don’t compromise or become a moderate because it will sooner or later cost you or someone something. The future is what we are fighting for now.  We can stand our ground today for our children’s tomorrow or we can compromise our children’s tomorrow today. Which are you willing to do?



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