Democratic Party Yea or Nay or Do You Have a Say?

September 6, 2012

The DNC once again adopted “God”, as well as “Obama’s views” about Jerusalem and Israel back into their platform.  This has to make one wonder what Obama’s views are about Jerusalem and Israel.  They adopted this ONLY after getting a lot of heat over leaving them out of the platform.  The fact that they intentionally left them out in the first place tells us what their true heartfelt feelings are on both issues.  That makes them anti-Christian and anti-Jew and yet there is a large group of both within their party.

How can a Christian or a Jew ever support this party and its platform?  Sure they have NOW included both in their platform but when they were together behind closed doors weeks ago they intentionally left both out of the platform. I find it hard to believe that would make a Christian or a Jew feel comfortable, but then I’m not a liberal.  Maybe a “tolerant” liberal can tolerate lies and corruption from their party, but I wouldn’t.  That is one of the reasons I don’t call myself a Republican.

Members of this party amaze me because they claim to be the party of tolerance, but their party’s history says otherwise.  It was on the side for slavery.  It was on the side for the Jim Crow laws.  It was on the side of segregation.  It was on the side against the Civil Rights laws.  It is on the side of racial hatred.  It is on the side of affirmative action which is racism.  Now it is obvious it is against Christianity and Israel.

You may ask how can I say that the party is against Christianity and Jews?  Just listen closely to this video and then tell me that there is a LARGE or 2/3 majority who want God and Israel in their Democratic Party’s Platform?  Regardless of what the “Chair” says there was not a 2/3 majority vote for the change.  That tells me that there were enough votes to bar God and Israel from their platform but their leadership wouldn’t allow it and just ignored the will of their party.

The every day party members amaze me even more, not just because of their own beliefs and convictions, but also because of their blind ignorance.  How can any Democrat Party member ever trust their party to do their bidding, when it is so easy to see from this video that their party leadership ignores not only their own party rules but also the members themselves?

If the members can’t see that the party does whatever it wants regardless of what the people want, then they deserve what they get.  It is a shame that we have to be drug drown with them.  The Democrat Party is the party of lies and liars this should make that very clear.

The Democrat Party has an agenda and that agenda isn’t necessarily what its members think it is.  It’s obvious that its agenda is to bring America down so it can become a total socialist state and they are following the socialist handbook to a tie.

Wake up lefties, your party is on a hell bent path to make America another socialist state.  If you continue to follow your party blindly down its present path, then you will be no different than those lemmings in England.  I can only hope that you don’t take us over the cliff with you.

I will do everything I can to stop you and your party’s corrupt policies.  I hope that you watch what your party is doing because it’s apparent from the convention footage they are not working with its members. Ask yourself how trustworthy can the leadership be if it doesn’t even obey its own rules?  BJMJr



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