Deporting a Cancer Patient — by Bertrum J Meisner Jr

July 20, 2012


Here is a prime example of how the illegal immigrants feel about America. In the very county I live in, a woman (Carolina Vega) was arrested and put in jail for failure to yield to oncoming traffic and for not having a driver’s license. I can only wonder if she had any insurance, especially since she had no driver’s license and never has had a driver’s license to use to purchase car insurance. She only came to the policeman’s attention because she caused an accident by pulling out in front of and hitting two cars in the opposing traffic. The fact that she pulled out in front of two cars, shows her lack of judgment which makes one wonder if she can drive responsibly and should she be allowed to drive on our roads… ever?  

She gave the policeman a Mexican ID because that is all she had, because she was an “undocumented” person or in plain English, she was an illegal alien. She has lived here illegally for 20 years and she considers this her home. She had a Mexican ID… I can’t help but wonder was it a valid ID which was recently renewed, meaning has she been back to Mexico recently to do so?

Personally I think if a person considered America their home like she states she does, then they would find a way somehow in 20 years to become a valid, legal American.  If America is your home then you would do everything possible to obtain an American ID. Her lawyer argued that the Cobb County Policeman was acting aggressively and without compassion by not giving her a citation and letting her walk instead of arresting her. The policeman probably thought that since she was illegal then she would run home to Mexico to avoid prosecution. I know I would think she would.

She is a cancer patient undergoing treatment and her lawyer thinks that should make it okay for her to cause accidents on our highways, without obtaining a valid driver‘s license. He thinks a fine should be sufficient for her offenses. I wonder if the lawyer would feel the same way if it was his family that she hit in the accident. I wonder if she will make restitution for the damages she has caused to the other drivers?

It is Cobb County’s policy that if you drive without having ANY valid driver’s license, you go to jail…period. It is a shame that she has Stage 2 breast cancer and is receiving treatment to save her life.  But it is also a shame that she chose to drive on our streets without obtaining a valid driver’s license. If she didn’t want to get into this trouble then she should have used better judgment. She shouldn’t have driven without a license. She shouldn’t have driven reckless by pulling out in front of, not just one car but two cars. Yes, it is a shame that she was so irresponsible in so many ways, but it is because of HER choices that she is in the trouble, not Cobb County’s or the policeman’s.  Having cancer doesn’t excuse you from our laws and the penalties for disobeying those laws.

I have compassion for people with life threatening conditions but I have no compassion for people who have a callus attitude toward our laws, even if they are sick. I would think someone with a life threatening condition would be much more responsible with their lives and the lives of OTHERS. She could have killed someone; I wonder would everyone still be so “compassionate” to her plight if she had killed someone? It is obvious that she and her lawyer feel that she should have been given a pass for almost killing someone.


 I’m not a big advocate for the government’s hunger for creating licenses and permits, but I can see the need for a driver’s license. Without driver’s licenses our roads would be more like “The Road Warrior” or the Atlanta Motor Speedway, instead of the “semi-civil” roadways we now have. It is the only way to ensure that the drivers know what is expected of them and for the government to know that the drivers are capable of driving. If we didn’t require driver’s license then 10 years old children could be driving around interstate 285, at the average speeds of 70-80 mph. Drunks could drive anytime they wished, shoot blind people could even drive if they wished. If you don’t have a valid driver’s license then you have NO RIGHT to be driving but that isn’t what is bothering everyone about this story. It’s not what she is worried about, which means she will be back behind the wheel in the near future and she may actually kill someone next time.


I don’t believe that she was worried so much about the jail time either, but instead she was more concerned about the fact that her little error in judgment has brought her to the attention of the immigration authorities. Now she can be deported because she committed a crime which is all HER fault, not Cobb County’s fault. She is using her cancer treatment as an excuse, to stay here so she can receive treatment here that she supposedly can’t get at home.

That makes me wonder, why can’t she get the same treatment at home in Mexico, could it be because she can’t afford it? So then who is paying for her medical care here? How much you want to bet we are? I also wonder who was “taking care” of her for those twenty years of illegal occupation. How much you want to bet we were paying for that, one way or another?

One little fact in the story tells a lot about her medical treatment and that is the fact that she was taken to Grady Hospital which is in downtown Atlanta in Fulton County, Georgia not in Cobb County, Georgia. Do you wonder why she wasn’t taken to a hospital in Cobb County where she had her accident? Well let me tell you a little fact about Grady, it is the premier PUBLIC hospital in the metro area. It is the biggest hospital in the Atlanta metro area for the poor and the freeloader.

Her family stated that she considered this here home. If illegal aliens do consider America their home, then why don’t they adopt America as their country? To adopt America as their country they have to adopt its government. If they adopt our government then they have to adopt our values and obey our laws. She has done none of this. The very fact that she came here ILLEGALLY means she has been breaking our laws ever since she stepped foot across the border. The very fact that she only had a Mexican ID shows that she still considers herself a Mexican not an American.

I think the statement by her daughter sums it all up in just one of the several questions she posed. “Who is going to take care of her and her cancer?” In another words she has no one to take care of her if she leaves America. Her family can’t take care of her and Mexico can take care of her. Only America can take care of her and her cancer. I’m sure Mexico has cancer doctors but I bet the Mexican government won’t pay for those doctors like America will. This is all about entitlements not compassion.

Of course none of this amounts to a hill of refried beans, because she won’t be deported and even if she is she will be back in Cobb County shortly after deportation. Is it any wonder that the illegal aliens have the attitude that they have? Our present administration’s immigration policies are joke to them and to the whole world. It’s not a joke to me but instead a disgrace.—BJMJr


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