Does Making Guns Illegal Make Any Sense? By Bertrum J Meisner Jr

July 21, 2012


We all can expect a torrent of opposition to gun ownership in the weeks and months to come after this recent rampage by a deranged individual in the town of Aurora, Colorado. It can already been seen and heard in the news media’s commentary. They will use this as always, as a launching pad for what they will call “gun control” but it is more like gun elimination because that is their end game.

If you totally disregard the Constitution and the fact that it is our right to bear arms, then does it still make any sense to make guns illegal? If anyone has one ounce of brains in their head they should know that making something illegal, never makes it unattainable.

If the purpose of banning guns is to make guns unattainable, then I have to ask, just how does the government plan to achieve this goal? Do they plan on using their previous actions in banning objects from public use?

Do they plan on using the actions used during Prohibition? During Prohibition they banned alcohol from public consummation but they never succeeded. The flow of alcohol probably increased instead of decreased during prohibition. It did succeed in creating some of the most violent gangsters in American history.

Do they plan on using the same actions when they made prescription drugs illegal without a prescription? Prescription drugs can be still be bought on street corners all across America. The pills still roll out of the bottles. It did succeed in creating some of the most violent gangs in American history.

Do they plan on using the same actions as their tactics against marijuana use? Marijuana is still smoked everywhere in America. Marijuana is still grown and inhaled as if it was as available as the grass on your lawn.

Making something illegal doesn’t make it unavailable. It just makes it more expensive and more dangerous to obtain. Prohibition made alcohol illegal and made a lot of gangsters very rich. It also made a lot of people very dead, not from drinking alcohol but instead from ingesting lead shaped projectiles.

The war on drugs didn’t stop people from using drugs instead it made drugs even more attractive to many rebellious young people. It also made a lot of gang members very rich. It also made a lot of people dead, not only from ingesting drugs but from violent acts to protect the gang’s drug turf.

Making something illegal doesn’t make it unavailable it just makes it more expensive and desirable. It creates a new underground business which operates outside of the law. That makes it dangerous because that means it operates within its own set of rules. Those rules are seldom within any acceptable moral behavior.

Passing laws to alter the public’s consummation seldom works, because if someone wants something bad enough then they will find a way to get it. It also makes criminals of people who normally would never be criminals. The average citizen who finds himself in a dangerous situation may see the need for a weapon to use for self defense and the moment the weapon is purchased they become a criminal in the laws eyes.

Banning guns will create a new avenue for criminals to make a profit because they will find a way to buy and sell the guns just like they sell drugs. Banning guns will only remove guns from the hands of law abiding citizens and that will make them an easy mark for those who aren’t law abiding citizens. It is very true what they say, “If guns are illegal then only criminals will have guns.” That is not only true because the career criminals will have no fear of obtaining a weapon but also because of the very fact that everyone who has a gun, will be considered a criminal. That removes the possibility of an honest law abiding citizen from defending himself or herself from “would be” thieves, rapist or any other violent felons.

The government wants its citizens to be defenseless sheep who can’t do anything for themselves. They want you to depend on them for your protection. But can they really protect you? Can they be everywhere you are, every minute of every day or night to protect you?  Do you feel safe walking down every street, alley or around every corner in America? Do you feel safe just going to an ATM late at night? The only way the government can make you could feel safe, in every possible location and during every possible time of day or night is if they had a law enforcement person on every street corner and in every building in America. That would make America a police state which is not my vision of what I want America to be nor should it be.

The government’s ability to protect can only go so far and from at that point on, it is up to the individual citizen to provide for their own protection. Citizens will not be able to protect themselves if guns are made illegal, but criminals won’t have that problem. Guns will still be available to anyone who is willing to pay the money needed to obtain a gun and to anyone who will accept the fact that they will be breaking the law with their purchase. Criminals won’t have a problem with either of those things.

There is also the fact that when the government makes something illegal it is restraining and controlling its citizens. When something is made illegal it is affectively taking away the public’s right to its use. Another words it is depleting the rights of its citizenry.

I’m not saying that making something illegal is always wrong, but it does take away our right to that object. Why should Americans have their right to bear arms taken away? Guns aren’t the reason people die. People are the reason people die. A gun takes a person to pull the trigger. Yes, there are a lot of accidental shootings in America, but there are a LOT MORE accidental car crashes in America where people die. The cars can’t kill people unless there is someone behind the wheel. If guns kill people then cars kill people. But I don’t hear anyone screaming to make cars illegal because CARS kill people.

Regardless of what the media tells you, banning guns doesn’t make us any safer. It will not protect us from harm but it does protect someone else. Making guns illegal has only one purpose and that is to protect the government from the people. A well armed populous is always a threat to a poorly run government. There is no other reason to make guns illegal.

Have you ever wondered how long the American Revolution would have lasted if the king had managed to enforce a gun ban on the colonies? What would America look like today if he had? The whole world learned from the American Revolution and what they learned was that an armed populous is a very dangerous thing for a tyrannical government. The tyrants learned it better than anyone else because they are the ones with the most to lose from a well armed citizenry. That is why one of the first things that tyrants do is to make sure that they remove as many guns possible from their subjects’ hands.

You may say that the world is a different place today and guns aren’t needed to keep governments in line. What I would say to that is people are people they haven’t changed that must over the centuries. Some still crave power and some are still corrupt. Governments are just made up of people and a lot of them consist of power hungry corrupt people. Our government is rapidly being overrun by that very type of people, which makes gun control such a dangerous thing for the US and us.

So if you are for growing a new underground industry, if you are for making criminals richer, if you are for making the government your master, if you are for giving up your right to protect yourself and if you are for giving up the America our founding fathers gave us, then by all means, please… leave America and go somewhere else.  That way we, the patriotic Americans can continue to live our lives as Americans in safety.–BJMJr


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