Hate Crimes

May 7, 2012

By Bertrum J Meisner Jr—– Our illustrious news reporting system has so much to be proud of.  They are very honorable and responsible when it comes to reporting the news.  They are unbiased and dedicated in their civic duties when it comes to informing the public about all the news events.  They are the heart of our public information system. 

                If you believe that then you should stop reading right here and return your head to your hole in the sand.  If they are the heart of our public information system then it is about to have a massive heart attack. They have proven how “responsible” they are, over and over again in their lack of integrity. All you have to do is watch the news reporting which was done on the Zimmerman case to see the depths of the sewer they have slithered to.  NBC altered audio tapes to make Zimmerman sound like a racist.  ABC reported misinformation at the very get go. All the news agencies used old photos of Trayvon which made him look like an innocent child while using Zimmerman mug shots. Neither reported that Zimmerman was part black which makes their reporting of his racism against blacks very questionable.  Neither reported that other black neighbors witnessed parts of the altercation and their statements supported Zimmerman’s story.  Instead they reported only the misinformation that put Zimmerman in a bad light and none of the information that shined a favorable light on him.  Sure after NBC and ABC were caught they started reporting some favorable information for Zimmerman but I believe that was only because they had been caught and had to do something to cover their tracks.

                If they were everything that I said they were in my opening paragraph then they wouldn’t be ignoring even more horrific violence that is happening all across America.  Hate crimes are happening in every city in America every day.  How many do you see on the evening news every day? You might see them on the local news feeds but not on the national feeds. Not in the national feeds like the Zimmerman case was, not broadcasted over and over again for weeks like they did his case.

                There have been some of the most heinous hate crimes every committed against some of the most innocent people in America but those stories die a quick death in the news world.  Why? Why wouldn’t a story about an elderly Tulsa couple being brutally tortured, beaten, raped and murdered by multiple criminals be less news worthy than the Zimmerman case?  Why would an ex-marine in Georgia being beaten to death by four other men be less news worthy than one person being shot?  Why is one of the most vicious hate crimes ever committed, not news worthy? This crime was committed against a young University of Tennessee couple where HE suffered rape, amputation of his sex organ, burning and being shot to death before her eyes. To add insult to injury she then suffered a beating, repeated gang rape in various ways, one breast cut off, bleach poured down her throat, urination on her, her body set fire to and left in five separate garbage bags.  The five criminals didn’t bother to kill either of them until they had tortured both of them to the limits their bodies to tolerate. These are just a few of the NOT news worthy stories in America. There are numerous stories are all across America that are much more hideous than what happened in the Zimmerman case but yet the Zimmerman case was sensationalized and all the others were deemed not news worthy and ignored.

                We all know the reason why some stories are deemed news worthy and why others are not. What is amazing is that the major news organizations will admit to this reason.  In every one of the examples above, the victims were white and the criminals were black. The news agencies will tell you that these stories are not news worthy because of the race of the victims and the criminals. If the victims aren’t black and the criminals aren’t white, then it’s not news.  They say that the public isn’t interested in hate crimes with white victims. In essence they are deciding for you what kind of news is important and which stories you should hear.  That is a form of censorship. They are also perpetrating something even worse against the American populous. They are giving the impression that ONLY black people are victims of heinous hate crimes.  Therefore white people are the only racists in America.

                Hate crime criminals come in all colors, shapes and sizes. A hate crime isn’t just racial, it can be anything.  It could be because of religion, disability, hair color, sexual orientation or even how some one wlks down the street. All it takes to be a hate crime is for crime to be committed by a person who has a deep dislike for something or someone.  Blacks don’t have the market on hate crimes like the media would have you believe, any and everyone can be a victim of a hate crime, but not if you believe the evening news.

                I’ll bet you that if you could get “all” of the real stories on the evening news, you would find out that the majority of the violent hate crimes in America are not committed by white criminals. It maybe true that more hate crimes are committed against blacks but I doubt if most of those crimes were committed by whites like the news agencies would have you believe. This bias in reporting causes even more hatred in the black community because they only see their brothers being victimized in hate crimes, which makes them even more violent. They never see any other race being victimized unless they see it first hand by being the ones committing the hate crime. This type of news reporting feeds the problem and escalates the violence.  Is it any wonder that hate groups, like the Black Panthers are so violent toward whites?  They are already hateful toward whites but seeing only news stories about hate crimes against their “race” by “whites” fuels that hatred which causes it to escalate and to resurface on our streets in the very examples of hate crimes I mentioned above.

                These news organizations need to be sued for inciting to riot, with their irresponsible news reporting. There needs to be accountability in the news agencies or they will cease to be news agencies and will become propaganda machines, which they are very close to becoming right now. Our transparent president has been no more honorable in his actions in this matter. His remark about Trayvon being similar to what his son would look like, if he had a son, has no other possible purpose than inciting violence and hatred toward the so called “white criminal”, Zimmerman.  It also is a form of race baitting and screams of racial intolerance. 

                The real racists are not the Zimmerman’s of the world but those who report these stories and use them to commit real hate crimes against other races.  The news agencies are racist in their decisions on news worthy stories.  The President is racist in his remarks in this matter. The Black Panthers are all racist in their hatred and need no help from anyone else to be racist.  The people who speak out against Zimmerman and people like him are racist because they hate him not because of what he did but because of what they automatically believed about him, all because they are so willing to swallow the lies in the media.  They want to believe the lies and are just waiting for the fuel to light their racist fire.

                America will never get to be a racist blind society until all sides of the equation learn not to be so quick to condemn and hate people who are different than themselves.  That means ALL Americans black, white, Asian, religious, non-religious, straight, non-straight and ALL other Americans not just white Americans.  All Americans will never learn to be slow to condemn and hate as long as the news reporting is race baiting.  These corrupt news agencies need to be brought down to their knees and the only way that can happen is by hitting them where it really hurts them, in their pocketbooks.  Everyone needs to learn to get their news from alternate sources so the news agencies can die a slow death of starvation. —BJMJr

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