Herman Cain for Georgia Senate Seat

November 9, 2013

HermanCain2This article is more of an open letter to the honorable Herman Cain than it is an article to the public. I am writing this article as a plea of help. Georgia is in trouble along with the entire country but that is another story. I am worried about my little corner of the world right now because it is reaching a milestone in its history. Georgia could turn from a haven of conservatism to a cesspool of progressiveness. Georgia could possibly have a liberal governor in the next election but that also is another story.

I want to talk about losing one of our Congressional Senate seats to a liberal in the next election. I believe that the present front runners in this race are lacking in the needed qualities to pull off a winning campaign. That is why I am pleading to you Mr. Cain. We need someone with a winning spirit, someone with the moral fiber to be an example of a true conservative, someone with the courage to speak out against evil where ever it may be and we need someone to represent the people not dictate to the people. We need someone like you, no wait we don’t need someone like you, we need YOU.

America needs you and even more specifically Georgia needs you. I need you and all Georgians need you. Georgia is at a point where it can remain conservative or it can convert to liberalism. Georgia needs you to make sure it remains within conservatives values. I am pleading for you to enter the Senate race and take Georgia back from the edge of destruction. That also will help keep the Senate from going further into the dark side of progressive government.

I would like to know if you have even considered the possibility of running. If not then I am asking that you please consider it. We need more people like you in Congress. So please search your soul and see if this is something you would consider.

Thank you for the chance to inquire about this matter. I sincerely hope you will take this request to heart and decide to run.



MeCloseUp1This article was written by Bertrum J Meisner Jr. I am not a professional writer. I am just a common every day laborer like most of you. I write from my heart, logic and life experiences. I am a devout Constitutional conservative and Christian. My only degree is in life experiences, which comes from a lifetime of learning from life. I derived my education from being part of this great nation and that has given me more of an education than I could ever get from any text book. I love this country and everything it is supposed to stand for. I write to bring it back to its roots and to help stop the destruction that is coming to this country both morally and physically.

Bertrum James Meisner Jr


Con50I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my article. Please feel free to like this article on Facebook and any of the other articles on the Georgia Conservative site. Also please feel free to read any of the other many articles among the other Conservative Fifty pages. Then please feel free to like this site or any other state site within the Conservative Fifty group. You are also welcome to comment on or share any of my articles and I thank you for taking the time to read this or any of my other many articles. Thank you again, Bertrum J Meisner Jr.


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