How Does Making Something Illegal, Make It Unobtainable?

December 21, 2012


I am so tired of hearing all the lies and misinformation being spread about guns and how they need to be banned. There are countless stories on the news about banning all guns, some guns or even some ammo. I am tired of ALL of this.

Every bit of the argument for gun control is base on the premise that the government can keep guns out of the public’s hands. How in the world can anyone believe that lie?  Doesn’t anyone remember Prohibition? Doesn’t anyone remember the war on drugs? How about prostitution, it has been illegal almost forever but yet it is all around us. There is nothing that has been made illegal that has ever been turned into that ever elusive material called unobtainium.


The government gave up on Prohibition because they realized it was a hopeless case.  Anyone who wanted a good drink could find it anytime they wished. During Prohibition alcohol was readily available and it created some of the most powerful criminals in America. It created an underground business for the alcohol sales and delivery.  Alcohol was banned and was always obtainable. It not only created powerful criminals, but it created some of the most violent criminals in America.

DrugBuysIt doesn’t stop with alcohol because the stupidity of government continues to this day with its war on drugs. The only difference is that the government hasn’t given up on its war of drugs because it can’t. The government has gotten so invested into the war that it can’t survive without it. The result has been exactly the same though. It has created even more violent and powerful criminals. During the government’s decades of aggression against drugs, just how many drugs has the war eliminated? I feel very comfortable to say that it has not eliminated a single drug but on the contrary, it has actually allowed the criminals to create even more new drugs.

So I ask… where is the logic that dictates that making any gun or all guns illegal will stop the guns from getting to the public? That entire premise is filled with false logic and lies. The gun control advocates know all this but they don’t care. They don’t care because taking guns off the streets is not their true agenda. They want to take guns out of our homes, which is their true agenda.

It doesn’t matter how strict gun laws are, there will always be guns available to those who are willing to disobey that law and any other law. Criminals will always have their guns no matter what the government does. Even today convicted felons are prohibited from having guns, yet how many convicted felons are arrested every day in this country, while they are in possession of a firearm? There are thousands of them and do you think the law prohibiting them from having a gun really slows them down in obtaining one?

It has been said thousands of times, if you make guns illegal then only criminals will have guns. That is so true because not only will career criminals have guns, but also the honest citizens will become criminals when they buy illegal guns to protect themselves. Banning guns is the exact opposite of what we should be doing. I could go on and on with examples of what happens when guns were banned and how crimes have actually increased afterwards. I could also go on and on with examples of places where guns were embraced and how crimes decreased afterwards. But I won’t bore you with all the stats, but if you wish to have them then they are easily found on the web. You can research Kennesaw GA, Chicago IL, Australia, Switzerland and Israel for starters. Compare their crime rates to their gun laws and see for yourself the truth about guns and crime.

If it is such a great idea, then please explain to me why it is that the same logic didn’t work for Prohibition and why isn’t it working for the war on drugs? It didn’t work, isn’t working and won’t ever work because it is flawed logic. So drop the stupid idea of banning guns and get down to the real problem behind crime, it isn’t guns, it is people.

OklahomaBombing WorldTradeCenter

If you want to stop violent crimes then find a way to stop violence within people. That is the real problem, not guns. Have you ever heard of the Bath Michigan Massacre? How about the Oklahoma City Bombing? How about 9/11? Those mass murders were completed without shooting a single person. I would dare say that explosives aren’t readily available to the public but that didn’t stop any of them from blowing up many of their victims.

We need to work on our people skills not our governing skills. We need to acknowledge those who are likely to be violent and find a humane way to help them. That can stop more violence than any gun ban ever will.





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