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October 30, 2012

Naturally the first question you need to ask yourself has to be, do you want four more years of the same “forward” momentum from the progressive regression that has been shoved down America’s throat? OR… do you want a POSITIVE change with a REAL hope for turning America back around to American values and American justice?

Then you have to ask yourself, when you vote will you hit the automatic the party line option? Will you vote candidate by candidate? Will you vote by your morals? Will you vote with your Christian values? Will you vote with your Constitutional values? Will you vote your entitlement values?

One could vote all Democrat or Republican and ignore all others, but is that really the right thing to do? Can all Republican candidates have the same values as all other Republicans? Can all Democrats have the same values? I would dare say that each and every candidate, as well as voter, has their own set of values and they don’t necessarily coincide with their party’s values. Each candidate should be evaluated on their own record, merit and moral fiber.

With that said I have to ask, does everyone really know what each candidate’s values really are? We all know that politicians lie and that they will say almost anything to get elected, but we have to be able to look through the facade and lies to search out the truth. That is the job of every American citizen, but very few will do their job. Most take the party line when voting. Even when the citizens do their job of researching the candidates they can’t always vote for the best candidate. There are times when there is a need for the greater good when the best candidate is not necessarily the right candidate to vote for.

It would be nice if we could always vote for the best person, but that isn’t always possible. Just to give you an example in the up and coming election, Obama must not be allowed to continue his agenda in the next four years or America will no longer be the land of the free.  That is the most important issue in this election bar none. The issues of the economy, jobs, Constitution or Socialism are important but not as important. If he is allowed to continue his agenda, then all those things will continue to plague America. That means that the most important job for the responsible voters is to keep him from being re-elected. That means everything must be done to stop him from getting the majority vote.

He could win the election by getting the majority vote in various ways. He could convince enough loyal voters to vote for him. He could convince, discourage or stop politically opposing voters from voting. He could divide the opposition by having them vote for multiple candidates.

When it comes to the presidential election, our political system is basically a two party system, regardless of what anyone tells you, that is a fact. That means that as far as the presidential race is concerned, only two candidates have any chance of being elected, all others are nothing more than distractions. I will concede that there can be a better presidential candidate other than the two given to us from the two parties, but they have no chance of being elected.

Anyone who writes in a candidate or votes for any other candidate other than those from the two parties is not really voting in the election. The election is not about all the presidential candidates, but just the two party candidates. The voters can say that they are making a statement which is their right to do, but it is a fact that they have depleted one party’s voter base thus reducing that party’s chance of electing their candidate. In that sense they voted for the opposition candidate even though they didn’t technically vote for him. I know that the voters may not like either candidate and they may refuse to vote for either, but in their act of defiance they have voted for one anyway. The problem is that their vote counted for the worst possible candidate because every conservative vote not used against him is a vote for him.

I find it hard to believe that any true conservative would ever want four more years to match or exceed what we have experienced in the last four years. That is why I find it hard to believe that any conservative who is serious about turning this country around would allow that to happen. I agree that the Republican candidate is not my first choice, second or even tenth choice for President, but he is miles away from what we have now. I will vote for him because he is the last hope for America. He may not be the “great white hope” but he is better than the alternative.

What I have said applies more to the presidential election than all other elections. The other elections are where you can make a difference with third party candidates. I urge  everyone to aggressively pursue changing our third party system by electing alternate party members to every public office local, state and federal. If you want to change the system that is how you do it. You cannot change it from the top down, you have to change it from the bottom up. You are tilting at windmills when you try to elect any candidate other than one from the two parties. But remember all other public positions can and should be attacked viscously so that the two party system can be torn down to bring back the government to one “of and for” the people.

With that said, now I want to address the liberal voters out there. I can’t fathom how anyone can vote for any Democrat candidate. The party hasn’t had a very good track record and that is what amazes me. How can anyone vote for or be part of a party with their history? It was the Democrat Party that fought for slavery in the Civil War. It was the Democrat Party that gave us the Jim Crow laws. It was the Democrat Party that fought so hard against equal rights laws and caused the race riots in order to force their enactment. It was the Democrat Party that created the present enslavement of the poor through our entitlement welfare system. It was the Democrat Party that opened the door for socialist to march into our government. It was the Democrat Party that brought us the intolerant censorship of the politically correctness agenda. It was the Democrat Party that gave us the wonderful Obamacare bankruptcy monster that is devouring the country’s resources.

This is what the Democrat Party stands for and fights for, not the citizens or their rights. Sure they will tell you that they are fighting for entitlements for the poor which is true but what they don’t tell you is that they manufacture the poor with their actions. They give birth to more and more members of the welfare rolls and they do it intentionally. They depend on the welfare recipients for their power base. Without the enslaved voters they would have few voters so they have to make more poor in order to keep their power growing.

Not all Democrats are die hard loyal members who believe and follow the marching orders, there are some moderate Democrats. However, even the moderates tend to lean to the left and tend to vote accordingly.  Therefore, it is unlikely there will be much help from the left in restoring America’s greatness and values, that is why every conservative voter is important.

Every vote for a Democrat is a vote of confidence for the party and that is something we don’t need. The Democrat Party needs to be destroyed before it destroys America, and don’t be fooled that is its agenda. The party is no longer a patriotic party. It is now a socialist party with the socialist agenda of bringing America down, so America can be transformed into a socialist state. For that reason I cannot image why any self respecting American patriot could in good conscience vote for any Democrat knowing all of this.

Contrary to what you tell yourself or what anyone else tells you, we all vote according to what is most important to us. No matter what is most important to you, when it comes down to it, more than likely you will vote accordingly. Whether it is God, country, love, hate, entitlements or just plain selfishness we will vote with that because where our heart is so too is our vote.

I hope you search your heart and vote with a patriotic love for country in November. I hope you will save America, The Constitution, the American way of life, American values and our future. Only you can!



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