How’s that for a Boycott?

August 2, 2012

Well… the Chick fil-a boycott did have the effect that liberals wanted in stores all around Atlanta. It made many of them close their doors but not because of a lack of business but just the opposite. They closed because they ran out of food. When I went to buy dinner at the one near my home I was unable to get those delicious waffle fries because they had none to sell me. I was able to get everything else I wanted but no fries. I did have to wait 16 minutes from arrival to departure for “my to-go-order” but it was worth it. Not only was it worth it for the good food but also for the fact that I was able to thumb my nose at all those liberal Nazis in America.

This is a good example of how a poorly thought out, malicious idea can backfire. The hate mongers who hate anyone and everyone who doesn’t think like they do, wanted to close Chick fil-a stores all across America. They wanted to do so just because the company CEO stated that he believed that marriage was between one man and one woman. The chain has ALWAYS support a Christian agenda. It has deep religious roots from its founder Truett Cathy and his family. They have never hidden their agenda. They have been very vocal about their Christian values from the day Mr. Cathy opened his doors at his first restaurant some 60 years ago.

So why does this now make news and warrant a boycott? Why… because the left is getting much more brazen with its hatred for godly people. They despise anything that is Christian or anyone who stands up for godly values. They will be the first people who will jump on the bandwagon about civil rights issues but not when it is about a Christian’s civil rights. They have the right to boycott anyone or anything they wish but when they attack someone and try to muzzle that person’s right to free speech they are violating that person’s civil rights. I hope they learned a lesson today but I doubt it.

When the government tries to muzzle someone for their religion, it is not only a crime but it is also government tyranny and that is exactly what several city governments are doing by prohibiting the chain to build in their city. The Constitution wasn’t written to allow city governments or any government entities for that matter, to show bias again anyone because of their religion.  These ignorant left biased mayors have no business being in government in America. I can only hope that this comes back to bite them on their flip side during their next election. They are prime examples of what is wrong with government in America today. 

Just like the tag at the bottom of my blogs always say “Freedom is not Free”  and the fact that so many actually went out to support the Cathys and Chick fil-a business today shows that there are still alot of Americans willing to fight for our freedoms.  I applaud all those brave hungry Americans who were willing to stand up to tyranny. Thank you America for being America. -BJMJr


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