I ask: Is There a Hidden Agenda?

August 21, 2012

This administration has created our first socialized healthcare system.  This is a healthcare system that taxes not only the people but also the fiscal stability of our government.  It could be the last nail in America’s coffin.

This administration has repeatedly blocked economic growth here in America while supporting economic development elsewhere in the world.  It has blocked oil well drilling on American soil and offshore, but yet it has given money to other countries so they can drill.  This can’t be a green agenda because drilling in South America is just as bad for the environment as drilling in North America.  Why would a president block anything that would help stabilize America’s economy?

The Executive Branch has repeatedly blocked the Keystone Pipeline which would help to remove America’s dependency on Middle-Eastern oil.  Why not make America more self sufficient and less dependent on Islamic oil?  Why should we continue to support and help grow a culture that hates us?

Our leaders are pushing not only American gun control, but global gun control.  They feel that Americans aren’t responsible enough to own guns.  Gun control or revoking all gun ownership doesn’t protect American citizens, but it does protect our government from its citizens.  They want to repeal the second amendment to the Constitution because they are afraid of us.  America was created on the principles in the Constitution and to remove even one of those principles is nothing more than the dismantling of the Constitution.

The executive branch has handed out billions and billions of dollars to American businesses to make them stable.  Then the government doesn’t require the businesses to pay the money back.  Why is that?  By not paying the money back, that leaves the government with a controlling interest in the businesses.  Why would the government want to have controlling interest in American businesses?  Isn’t that contradictory to the American capitalistic system?  Isn’t this the beginnings of Communism?

They have doubled the deficit which cripples not only the government, but also future generations of Americans.  No matter what any liberal will tell you, you cannot spend your way out of debt, so why force America in to a debt it can never repay?

Why has the government increased unemployment and not decreased it?  Is there a reason to have more people dependent on our government?

Our Justice Department handed out weapons to Mexican drug dealers like candy to babies and how does that help the war on drugs or stop the violence?  Who benefits from putting guns in the hands of murders and violent criminals?  Who gets frightened into believing that guns are bad and should be banned?  What benefit comes from selling weapons to violent criminals and frightening American citizens?

Our president has repeatedly ignored court rulings and Congressional procedures.  Who benefits from ignoring rulings against this administration?  Who benefits from ignoring Congressional procedures?  Is it possible that this administration considers itself above our laws?

This administration has gone out of its way to make our borders wide open to any and everyone who cares to cross them.  It has gone out of its way to go after those who actually enforce our immigration laws.  How does that help America’s security?  How does it help America to inflate its population with illegal aliens?

Our president has broken constitutional law but no government procedures have been put into play to call him on it. Could it be that our government accepts his illegalities as acceptable? Is it because our government has accepted the plan he has put into place for our future? Is it because they are afraid to speak out? Is it possible that there is actually a hidden agenda at work in America?

I have barely touched the tip of the iceberg on the things that are going on in our government which makes me scratch my head and ask what is going on here.  Every day there is another event in American government that blows my mind; can all these events be coincidences?

Is there a hidden agenda working in the background in our government, or could it be that all of the people in this administration are just plain stupid?  How could so many people be so stupid?  It has to be said that one way or another they have to be stupid because to blindly buy into this plan is stupidity or to see the stupidity and still buy into it is stupidity also.  Even if they are all just plain stupid, is it possible all these events are random occurrences?  What are the odds that these are all just random events?  With all these events happening all around us, what are the odds that there is NOT a hidden agenda working in America? – BJMJr


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