I LOVE YOU – NOT: From Pariah to Messiah in One Easy Lesson!

November 2, 2012

by Jacqueline D. Knight

ATLANTA – “Chris Christie is taking the stage in Tampa tonight to talk about his favorite topic: himself,” declares State Assemblyman John Wisniewski during a conference call before Christie’s Convention speech in 2012.   “Gov. Christie’s record in New Jersey is certainly not a model for our nation,” he continued.

CNN anchor woman, Rachel Maddow, called his speech: “An act of political selfishness.”   Chris Matthews suggested that NJ would need to build a “wide tunnel” to accommodate his girth. Mark Shields made overt jokes about Christie’s weight after the convention. And these folks were kinder than their liberal peers!

So, imagine my surprise to hear EVERY SINGLE liberal pundit praising Christie during the Hurricane Sandy weather event.  How can this be, you ask?  Read on!

A man’s gotta do — what a man’s gotta do!

Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast this October, Governor Christie says “Thanks for your support” to President Obama for agreeing to send FEMA funding to help in the aftermath of the biggest weather event to hit this country in 100 years.

In essence, Governor Christie was massaging President Obama’s immense ego simply for doing the job, per the United States Constitution, that he was elected to do: Look out for the welfare and well being of the citizens of this great nation.

Word is that the Obama Administration initiated calls to the most severely affected states asking if they wanted him to show up and mug for the cameras. To his credit, New York City Mayor Bloomberg, declined saying that at any other time he would welcome a visit from the President of the United States but considering that the subways and underground tunnels were flooded; more than 100 homes in Queens had burned to the ground and parts of Long Island had been wiped out; he’d take a pass because they “had too much work to do.”  Smart man.

But, New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, saw things differently.  Remember, that barely a month before he was one of the main speakers at the Republican National Convention.  And we know how this president has reacted to Red State devastation in the past by letting the suffering — well – keep suffering.

But, when did one doing the bare minimum of what one is elected to do become an instance or circumstance for receiving of high praise? Did I miss something in my last 55 years of life?

Love him or hate him for it, Christie was doing what he needed to do to get money to his devastated state from a vindictive president who would most certainly withhold help if homage was not given!

It’s a political move on Obama’s part, meant to make him look “leader like” after four years of his childlike behavior as the leader of the free world. It is pure genius on Christie’s part and nothing more! At the end of the day, Christie is a Conservative and that is the way he will personally vote! His acceptance of help from the federal government IS NOT an endorsement of Barack Obama!

Us thinking folks know better!  New Jersey is a photo op for Obie — BELIEVE THAT!

So, while the liberal mainstream media gets tingles up their legs trying to convince the world that Christie SUDDENLY supports Obama – and while they have now practically turned Governor Christie into the next “big” thing going for Democrats, actually lauding him for turning the election Obama’s way — we Conservatives laugh heartily and give high 5′s to Christie for his genius in dealing with the Big Boy in Chief!


I am a political chick who lives in the Atlanta Metro area with my son, Gabriel.  I am also a seasoned, veteran journalist and writer as well as a Business Development Specialist and Public, Community and Government Relations expert with more than 25 years of experience.  When I’m not consulting with my clients, I can be found haunting the tube and the web looking for something interesting and political to write about!

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