Impeachment, Really!!!!

November 28, 2012


Everyone is crying for impeachment of the president but I ask, why bother? Every president that has ever been impeached by the House has been acquitted by the Senate.

Andrew Johnson and William Clinton were both impeached by the House of Representatives and the Senate acquitted both of them. John Tyler had an attempt to impeach him, but Congress failed to get an impeachment. Richard Nixon resigned before any impeachment could reach him. In the entire history of America, there has NEVER been a President that has been truly impeached by Congress, so why would anyone even consider the possibility that Obama could ever be impeached.

Even if the House does impeach the president, do you in your wildest dreams think that the liberally dominate Senate would ever agree to the impeachment? Of course they won’t and you know it deep down in your heart. The Senate has already shown that they will side with the president regardless of what the public wants. They will side with him regardless of how illegal his actions maybe, because they already have. Impeachment can never happen unless we can uproot the embedded liberal evil that resides in the Senate and House.

That is why Congress is so important. It is the only power base in Washington that is supposed to have our interest at heart. The Presidential office is about what is best for the government because he is the CEO of our government corporation. The job of the office of the President is there to implement, execute and enforce the laws that Congress passes.  The Supreme Court is about ruling on cases challenging Constitutional issues. Congress is about passing laws to benefit us and is supposed to be the foremost watchdog over the executive branch. It is their job to restrain and correct the president whenever he varies from his duties, or when he does something illegal.

We have to take Congress back from the dark side of politics. We must gain back our government from the evil that is overtaking this country. The only way to take our country back is by taking Congress back. If we had constitutionally based Congressional members, then our government would be sound and would not need rescuing . Then it wouldn’t matter so much about what the President did or didn’t do because Congress would hold his feet to the fire. However, when Congress is corrupt and doesn’t adhere to Constitutional Law then the President can get away with almost anything.

I have always said that we have to work on taking back our government from the ground up, not from the top down. We need to elect constitutionally minded people at every level of government, not just at the top. I’m not talking just about your state level, I’m talking about ALL levels of government.  Your sheriff, city council person, even your dog catcher should be selected by their constitutional values. You may not think it is important at such a low level of civil service, but it is. If someone doesn’t believe in constitutional values then it is likely that they don’t have American values, and that can lead to bad judgments in the execution of their duties. No job is unimportant and by the same token no government job is unimportant. If you can build a constitutionally sound foundation for government, then you can build up from there to create a truly constitutionally sound government at the federal level.

Remember what is happening in Washington the next time you vote for anyone, even the dog catcher. Obama would never have been elected if we had not allowed a few liberals to creep through the cracks over the years.  If you let them, liberals multiple like rats, because once you open the door for entitlements and social programs it always breeds more. The more people get, the more they want.  That is a sad fact and it is human nature. That is the basis for Obama’s election and re-election. It should go down in history that he was not only THE President of entitlements; he should also go down in history as the first Socialist President of the United States of America.

I do agree he should be impeached, but I’m not so sure we can ever expect any impeachment proceedings against this President to be successful as long as we have the Congress we have today. If you want an impeachment to take place then you better get busy changing Congress. We better be cleaning out as many liberals as we can out of Congress or we can kiss any dream of impeachment goodbye.

The next election is going to be the second most important election in this century. The past one was the most important, but this one coming up is the second because it is our only backup. This is our only chance to right the wrong that got him in office in the first place. Since we didn’t do so well in the last election, now there will be nothing to stop him from getting away with murder. But then again I’m not sure he hasn’t already gotten away with murder.

It will be very hard to elect conservatives with all the corruption that is rampant in our system. I am even wondering if we can trust our election system. I wonder if it is ever going to be possible to have the will of the people expressed at the ballot box again. Do “we the people” still have the government of the people and for the people?  It is looking increasingly like we have already lost that aspect of our government. But as long as there is the slightest chance that we still have a voice in “our” government, we need to be diligent and do everything we can to voice our views. We need to be heard and heard loudly.

All I ask is that everyone get off their rear and get active in your government because if you don’t it’s not YOUR government but the government of those who are active. We need to be more active in our government than our opposition or we are going to be slaves to THEIR government. So… just because we didn’t win the last one, the BIG one, it doesn’t mean we can’t win the next one. So get active in government somewhere, anywhere, everywhere that you can.


In a previous article I wrote about who can arrest a sitting president and I think it can bare some light on this subject. If you want to read what I had to say in that article here is the link to the story.

If you read the article you will discover that there is one branch of the government that no one has considered for taking a president down. There is one group in government that requires ALL their members to swore an oath to protect the Constitution against any and all foreign and domestic enemies. That means even enemies within our very government. That branch of government is one of the most powerful forces on the planet today and if they did the duty that they were sworn to do, this blight on our government would be gone in an instant. If you haven’t guessed by now who they are, then I’ll tell you, it is our military. Yes they all take an oath to defend and protect the Constitution but yet the Constitution is being attacked today, like it has never been attacked before. I wonder when the military will wake up and do its duty? I hope before it is too late.

Is it any wonder that the present administration is cleaning house at the highest levels of our military? That’s just food for thought.




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