Is there justice in Georgia or for that matter in America?

April 8, 2012


            BY Bertrum J Meisner Jr

I am personally ashamed of the Georgia court system. They have totally ignored Constitutional law by dismissing a case questioning Obama’s eligibility to serve as president.  Judge Malihi who is the Deputy Chief Judge of the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings, ruled for Obama without having seen any evidence from him to prove he is eligible to hold that office.  The Judge ORDERED Mr. Obama to appear in his courtroom to prove his eligibility but Obama never bothered to appear or submit any evidence to prove he was qualified for the high office.

                The amazing part is that the Plaintiffs submitted countless pieces of evidence that proved Obama was not eligible. Obama and his lawyers never even bothered to appear for the ruling.  They ignored the court system and the judge ignored the fact that Obama was in contempt of court order for not appearing in court. The judge still threw out all of the Plaintiffs’ evidence without commenting on its validity and ruled Obama was born in Hawaii without receiving evidence to validate the ruling. He did this, even though Obama or his lawyers never submitted any evidence to prove that he was born in Hawaii or eligilible to be president.  How can a judge rule on evidence that has never been submitted in his courtroom? Are judges allowed to rule according to their feelings or according to the evidence presented to them?


                Judge Malihi slapped Lady Justice across the face while jerking the scales of justice right out of her hands. But wait it doesn’t stop there, Georgia’s court system takes shame to an even higher level.  You would expect a higher court to at least take a serious look at the case and rule on it with at least a little bit more law and logic.  The higher court just waved it off by letting the original ruling stand without adding anything to it.

                But wait the shame goes even deeper; it was then taken to the Georgia Supreme Court.  There an injunction was requested because of the obvious injustice that Judge Malihi had done to Georgia’s court system and Georgia’s citizens. The Georgia Supreme Court rejected the injunction.

                I am at a quandary, how can we Georgians expect justice in Georgia if a judge can rule on a case without having had any evidence submitted to validate that ruling.  I do care whether Obama is eligible or not but I care even more whether our court system is trustworthy and Constitutional.

                This entire episode shines a very bad light on justice in Georgia and probably on justice in America. If our court systems can’t be trusted to do the right thing then what recourse do we have? Where do we turn? Who do we trust? How can we have any freedom?  How can America survive?


                The case is now headed to the US Supreme Court and one can only wonder if they will receive any evidence to support Obama’s claim to be eligible to be president?  Will it rule without hearing a single piece of evidence from him?  Will it actually take into account the evidence that says he is not eligible?  The ultimate question I guess is will they even hear the case?

                This will be the litmus test to see just how high the corruption in our court system has gone. If they follow suit with the lower courts then America is no longer “The land of the free.” It is instead the land of the influential because the average citizens no longer have a justice system to protect their freedoms and rights.  It can’t be the land of the free when the court system of the land is free to rule without supporting evidence. The due process that is to be expected will no longer exist.

                Yes, I am very ashamed of Georgia’s court system and I can only hope I am not just as ashamed of America’s court system in the future. — BJMJr


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