It’s a Mad Mad Mad World

August 8, 2012

 There are so many people in this country who look for that free paycheck and just like in the movie, they don’t care who they have to hurt to get it. Also just like the movie they are willing to do insane things, all out of anger, jealousy, greed and self gratification. Even our government has gotten caught up in this insanity but the government’s only reward is the increase in its power base and strengthened control over its citizens.

 The leadership in our government has done nothing to remedy the situation but instead they have fueled the process. Identifying one’s self with a criminal instead of the victim by making the statement “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” is at best irresponsible and at worst race baiting. When the leader of the free world, is so irresponsible or so corrupt can you expect anything else from the populace? All his statement did was cause more anger and madness. The American world is rapidly becoming a Mad Mad Mad World all by itself and all because of the madness at the top.

How can we expect sanity and calm when the people who break our laws get more consideration than citizens who live a law abiding existence. Trayvon attacked Mr. Zimmerman but yet he was made the hero and Zimmerman was vilified and humiliated. Illegal aliens or “undocumented workers”, who have in the past and present broken countless numbers of our laws, are coddled and forgiven for their trespasses. Not only are they forgiven but they are rewarded for their crimes, by free medical care, welfare, education and much more, all while our own legal deserving citizens are forgiven little and are hard pressed to just make a living.

 How could you expect anything less than madness when we have been promised the moon by the resident in the White House but instead all we receive are cheesy excuses? He promised to cut the national debt in half but instead of dividing by two, he tried to multiply by two.  Instead of reducing unemployment he has increased it. Everyday new taxes grow out of the cracks in our government. The promised transparency has turned into a rather large stone wall.  Laws have to be passed before we can read them. 

We now have a socialist health care system where you and I no longer have control of our medical decisions, even our doctors’ hands have been tied. The government has been made the supreme ruler of our health care decisions. I would like to know how insane is that? They can’t even balance a budget or provide a simple tax system and they expect to provide efficient health care?  You can expect the same bureaucracy in the health care plan as we now have in our tax code especially since the IRS is in charge.

Not only have we been relieved of our health decisions but the system now dictates our morality. Businesses, religious organizations, hospitals, insurance providers and citizens are forces to support and in some case perform what many consider murderous acts against innocent life forms. Yes I said “life forms” because make no mistake about it a fetus is a life form. If you don’t believe me ask the people at NASA. They are spending billions of dollars searching the universe for microbial life forms. If a single cell organism is a life form why isn’t a fetus also a life form and a human life form at that? I have to ask; isn’t killing an innocent human life form murder?

Racial hate groups can intimidate and harass innocent voters at voting locations. They do this and the justice department ignores their crimes. But the justice department can harass and sue states for trying to enforce federal immigration laws and for cleaning to clean up their voter rolls. If all this isn’t madness I don’t know what is.

There was once a time in America when hard work was rewarded. There was a time where honesty, integrity and morality were not only the norm but they were expected. No more… now it is more of an exception than a rule, this is true even in our own government.

Is it any wonder that America is so filled with anger, hatefulness and madness? This madness or anger isn’t your normal run of the mill anger or madness. It runs much deeper and its corruption is much more fowl.  It is an insane anger and madness without logic. It is fueled constantly by misinformation, lies, half truths and corruption. It is no accident that this is happening because it is by a much larger design to keep the populace in the dark. The populace mustn’t discover the truth because when they do they could unite and over thrown what is becoming a very dangerous corrupt government.

This madness, corruption or insanity isn’t on just one side of the aisle. It is just as predominate on the right as the left. The left is in constant turmoil and uproar over what they perceive as unfair advantages in our social structure for the elite and rich. They want to change our social structure to a more “fair” socialist system. The right is always in disgust and outrage over unfair entitlements being giving out to undeserving leeches. 

Is it any wonder America has gone mad? Is it any wonder we have people doing insane acts? Is it any wonder some unbalanced individuals are driven down the road of killing sprees? Is it any wonder that movie goers can’t have a safe peaceful evening at the movies? Is it any wonder that a group of peaceful Sikh worshipers are massacred? America has a very deep anger that is crying to get out. It is in the process of consuming us, right down to our very core.

 The madness doesn’t stop there; it is dictating that we disarm these lunatics with gun control legislation. But gun control isn’t the answer; it is just a bad cheap, band aide which only covers up the problem. Logic dictates that we disarm them but not in that way. They should be disarmed, but by starving the fire not with fire suppression. If we could cut off the fuel that feeds the insanity in the first place then we could disarm them mentally.  If you stop the hatred, deceit, race baiting and manipulation of the news then you might actually be able to stop or reduce the madness.  Continue to feed the hatred and anger and you continue to feed the madness.

Soon America will no longer be the land of the free and the brave, but instead it will be the land of the angry and insane.No one can be free while being enslaved to one’s anger and madness. Bravery can come out of anger but it can also be blinded by that same rage.  Anger can be a positive influence; if it is kept in check and isn’t allowed to reach a feverish pitch. Once it reaches such a level, it can easily transform into a kind of madness. It then can become contagous and no one maybe immune from the insanity not even our pets. Our pets and children tend to mimic us so if we go mad then they are likely to do the same.

America is rapidly approaching that level and is being transformed before our very eyes.  If we are to heal America of this sickness of mind and morality then we must heal it at the source. The core of this hatred is in Washington and in the news rooms all around America. The cure can only come from the populace… us!

We must stop it! We must stop the hatred! We must stop the race baiting! We must stop feeding on the hatred and lies! We must stop feeding on the lies! We must stop being manipulated! We must think for ourselves! We mustn’t be so quick to judge others! We mustn’t turn against the innocent so easily! We mustn’t be so enraged to lose all logic! We mustn’t be driven to madness! We must resist the mayhem and maintain civility while channeling the anger for positive uses. –BJMJr


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