Just Who Do You Think You Are

September 17, 2013


EgoGamesTouchUpCenteredYou may have been asked this question on occasions by others, but have you ever asked yourself the question? Have you ever asked yourself just who are you? I think everyone should occasionally ask themselves this question. You may ask, why would I ask that?  Well it is very simple, if we are constantly asking the question and answering it truthfully then more than likely we are constantly grounding ourselves. There are far too many people who think they are much more than they really are. Their inflated view of themselves causes many problems for the rest of us.

When someone has a higher opinion of themselves than they deserve then they willCapitalToilet almost always overstep their boundaries. That is one of the reasons this country is in the predicament it is in. There are too many people in government who think they are royalty. This country was founded with the principle that all men were created equal and they should always remain equal, even in their own minds. However, our present government has elevated itself to being above the people and “in charge” of the people.

Congress has passed so many laws that they have exempted themselves from to such an extent, that it is almost impossible to count them all.  They are constantly sliding in backdoor pages of legislation that puts them above the people. The very fact that they receive an exemption from any bill, that makes them above the law. Our founding fathers planned for our government to be of the people and for the people, not of the royalty and for the people.  Government employees and officials are government servants and thus servants of the people. Being a servant means you are accountable to the people not the other way around; the people are not accountable to you.

Decades ago Congress created their own “Social Security System” or retirement program, and at the same time they exempted themselves from our Social Security System. But in 1984 they changed that and now they pay into a “pension fund” that is compatible with our Social Security System and they pay into the Social Security System, but there is a slight difference for them. They supposedly are not to receive benefits more than 80% of their final salary, but because of some little “quirks” in the system they can and do received much more than 80%, even as much as 100%. Another difference is that they pay 8% into the system which covers maybe 20% of the cost of their benefits and we pay the difference. It actually turns out that they receive pension benefits double and even sometimes triple the benefits of any private sector executive in a comparable position. I’m sure none of you will receive that much out of the Social Security System. They are actually nothing more than leaches on a system that was originally created to provide for the retirement of the America people, not the government elite to get rich.

We all know that they have exempted themselves from what is commonly called the Obamacare Health Care Program.  They did that because they had already created their own health care system, which rivals some of the best health care systems in the world. But they created one of the worst health care systems in the world to take care of us and one that will bankrupt this country if it is allowed to continue on its planned path.

I could go on and on about Congress’ elite status, but I think you get the idea. But I want to direct your attention to a more important elitist figure in our government. There is one person who personifies the royalty mentality more than anyone else. I’m sure you know of whom I speak. He ignores the very structure and framework of our government. He ignores the division of power which was setup within our government from day one. He ignores legally binding court orders issued by our courts. He even ignores us, the very people he is supposed to be working for.


This very person has used the law enforcement community to pass out guns to drug lords just to create more crime so he can push his anti-gun agenda. He has used the IRS as a political tool of harassment against his adversaries. He has abandoned an embassy and its “American” personnel to the mercies of terrorists. He has used his position in government to reward his campaign contributors with government grants and jobs, to the extent to even give money to dead and dying companies. He proudly claims he has created countless jobs, but those jobs are not in the private sector which is the only place that creating jobs can turn this economy around. He has stuck his nose into the affairs of many other countries to the extent that he has toppled governments. He has used the DOJ as an assault weapon against innocent people, all the while allowing his “friends” to corrupt our voting system and legal system. 

This person claims to be Christian but he also sides with Islam on many issues that are contradictory to Christian values. He even mocks Bible scripture and calls the Quran the “Holy Quran”. This person has promised us the moon but has only delivered fake moon dust. He has taken our debt to a level it has never been before and probably will never be able to recover from. He has had one of the most corrupt administrations in US history, but he has the news media in his hip pocket to cover for him. He has told countless lies but the news media never confronts him on any of them. He has an agenda and he is doing any and everything he can to fulfill that agenda regardless if it is legal or not. 

NewWing_WhiteHousePicIf this “person” has ever asked himself “who am I?” I would venture to guess he has answered it with “The King of The World”, because at every turn he extrudes this image. He thinks he is smarter than all our founding fathers because he has stated on numerous occasions how the Constitution is too restrictive for “his” taste.  He thinks the Constitution is flawed and outdated. He thinks that the Constitution spends too much time stating what the government can’t do and not enough time saying what it can do to the people. He sees the rights of the people, which were created within our government, as negative rights for the government, which is fairly accurate, because the Constitution wasn’t created to give the government rights, but instead to give the people the rights that give them protection from the government. The government has no rights, within our system. All governments only have the power that the people have given to it, but it can have no rights, only people can have rights. Our government was created because the government at the time was exercising power it should not have had.

Any right that our government might claim is nothing more than an illusion and a distortion of our laws. It doesn’t have a right to anything, it just has the power that we give it to do or take what it wants.  That my friends is not a right but an act of forced extortion in disguise of government regulations.

That is one of the most important things to remember about how he thinks. He thinks that the government should have all the rights. He wants and is doing everything he can to take away our rights and give them to the government. He wants the government to be given the ultimate power and word on everything. He does not like limited government and is working hard to erase all the limitations within our government. If he is successful in his endeavor that would fulfill his view of himself and it would make him King of the USA. When and if his dream comes true our government will be a totalitarian system with him on the throne.

These changes can’t come fast enough for him so he has already started acting like he is on that throne because he thinks he can send the country into war, with just his word. He thinks he can bomb another country just because someone used a weapon against their own people. This weapon is considered so heinous, so unusable and so inhumane that he thinks that alone gives him the power to kill more people to stop its future use.  He also thinks he can sign treaties with other countries and the U.N., without considering what we the people or Congress want, even though our Constitution prohibits him from doing just that.

I would personally love to ask him face to face, just who do you think you are? There is already serious doubt that he isn’t who he says he is, so I can only wonder if he even knows who he is.  But besides that, someone needs to remind him that he is not above the people or the law, and technically he should see himself as below the people, as any servant of the people should see themselves. He obviously has an inflated view of himself and his worth. That is going to be what will destroy this country in the end, unless we put a stop to his antics. We need to put him in his place and that obviously isn’t in the White House.

Will you join the fight for America? Will you ask yourself, “Just who did I think I am”? Are you a productive patriot, or just another lazy parasite on our society? Americans of all walks of life need to ask themselves who they think they are. They need to see not only who and what they are, but who and what their leaders are. They also need to come to the realization of whom and what this country is. All of these things need to come to light if America is to be saved. All these things are what made America great. It can only be great again, if we acknowledge who we are, who our leaders are and who America is.

We need to wake up to more than just the injustices in America. We need also to wake up to who we are. America was once strong because it had morals and standards which it abandoned a long time ago. We are no longer a nation with morals and standards, at least not ones with any true virtue. That is why we need to ask ourselves… just who do we think we are?



This article was written by Bertrum J Meisner Jr. I am not a professional writer. I am just a common every day laborer like most of you. I write from my heart, logic and life experiences. I am a devout Constitutional conservative and Christian. My only degree is in life experiences, which comes from a lifetime of learning from life. I derived my education from being part of this great nation and that has given me more of an education than I could ever get from any text book. I love this country and everything it is supposed to stand for. I write to bring it back to its roots and to help stop the destruction that is coming to this country both morally and physically.

Bertrum James Meisner Jr


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