May 3, 2012

BY Bertrum J Meisner Jr

                Labels are used to inform people of the contents of objects. They are used to sell a product and some are used to give more thought toward a purchase.  The owner of the product uses it to sell their product and others use a label to deter the sale of the product.  A good example of this is a pack of cigarettes the tobacco company designs their label to make the product appealing but the Surgeon General places a big warning label on every pack to deter the sale.

                Just like we label consumer products, we also tend to label people, places or things with a label that we consider appropriate to best describe them. The liberal media has perfected this fine art.  They are experts at labeling anything and everything that they disagree with.  The liberals have been doing this for as long as they have existed.  Once an aspiring liberal adopts the liberal philosophy, they are off and running with their label machine.  This trait isn’t isolated just to the liberals but there is a difference and that is that the liberals have the power of the media to make the label stick painfully to any and all.

                The labeling process has a purpose which works well in the media format. The label is used to discredit, belittle and silence the labeled.  The media has programmed the masses into believing that these labels are factual both in their description and application, but rarely is either true.

                They label those with constitutional values as constitutional fanatics. If you disagree with their leader, then you immediately become a racist.  If you have strong religious beliefs and stand by them then you are a religious zealot. Their label machine goes on and on.  Most of the labels are ignored by their opponents but there is one label that they have coined which has been largely accepted by both sides of the aisle.

                The label I refer to is a generally accepted label and has been used as most labels have been used to quietly make the person irrelevant.  When you become irrelevant then nothing you say will be taken seriously.  This particular label has probably hidden more lies and corruption than all the other labels combined.  It has been so successful because everyone likes to hate those given this label.  The media has successfully convinced the masses that these people have absolutely no worth in the world.  They are ridiculed and made fun of constantly and all it takes is two words to start the abuse.

                It doesn’t matter if everything they say is true and can be proven true because the label has been given so much power, that it over rides all the facts and blinds all who hear those two words. If you haven’t guessed what label I allude to by now, then let me enlighten you. I intentionally haven’t used the term because usually once a reader reads those magical words, their brains turn off and they depart mentally.  It tends to lose readers and listeners at an alarming rate.

                Neither of the two words are anything to be afraid of because we encounter both of them throughout the day whether we realize it or not.  Those words are “conspiracy theorist”. Why don’t we look at the words themselves before we look at how they are abused?  What is a conspiracy? According to Merriam-Webster it is, “the act of conspiring together” or “acting in harmony toward a common end”.  There is nothing bad about acting in harmony or conspiring with someone else toward a common end… is there, unless it is to do evil of course and not all conspiracies conspire to do evil.

                The other word “theorist” is defined in the same dictionary as “a person who theorizes” or “a person who analyses information and speculates as to the relationship and/or consequences of the information”.  What is wrong with coming up with ideas and theories on a subject?  I know… you are probably thinking “but some people carry the conspiracy theories too far and they see them around every corner”.  I would agree with you but the same thing could be said about just about everything in this world.  There are always people who will carry things too far and some people will always see things that aren’t there.  Just because some people abuse their ability to see and theorize on things to the extreme, that doesn’t make every conspiracy theory false, evil or loony.

                If you put the words together you have: a person who likes to theorize about what other people, may or may not have done or will do.  Is that such a bad thing? People conspire all the time against other people.  No one is immune from the conspiracy bug.  Every one of us has conspired against someone at least once in our lives.  People do it all the time at work and at home.  High school girls conspire against each other all the time.  In order to win games football teams do it to each other every day.  Political parties constantly do it to each other in their campaigning. 

If someone on the opposite side of the conspiracy sees evidence of the conspiracy they will form a “conspiracy theory. The person who theorized the conspiracy is now a “conspiracy theorist”. That means that 99% of us have been conspiracy theorist at some point in our lives.  Do you still despise those evil, sick “conspiracy theorists”?

                But there is another reason not to vilify conspiracy theorist, which is even more important than the previously stated reasons. Looking for conspiracies is a natural survival instinct.  If we didn’t have the ability to see and theorize about conspiracies then we would be victims of many more unseen and unknown evils every day.  It would make surviving this world much harder than it already is.

When the colonies were conspiring to declare their independence from England, they were conspiring against King George III and his rule. Don’t you think that his court was discussing conspiracy theories long before we declared independence?  This is an example of how a conspiracy theory is a good thing and a bad thing. Whether it is good or bad depends totally on your geography. If you are behind the conspiracy it is a good thing, however if you are in front of the conspiracy and are the one being conspired against, it is a bad thing.

                You do realize, that if no one ever theorized about conspiracies then few or no one will ever know about conspiracies? There is a need for theorist to look for the unusual or unseen. So what if some of their theories are bogus?  How many people in baseball have batting averages at or above 500 (50%)?  There are very few who can hit the ball out of the park consistently let alone every time.  Therefore don’t belittle every conspiracy theory, just because there are so many that are far out in left field, remember that some of them are strike outs, some are base hits and some are homeruns.

                It is just a label to distract and destroy the information being dissected.  Even if the conspiracy theory is false or can’t be proven, there can still be some good information taken from the theory.  That is why every theory should be disseminated and applied in any way possible but don’t turn your brain off just because it has been given a label. If you do then the label makers have won and you have lost the ability to be an independent thinking person and that is one thing that American can use more of right now.

                Never ignore the ideas of others because they could enlighten you, even if they are wrong. —BJMJr

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