My Mama Should Have Told Me Not to Come… to Either party

June 28, 2013


TyrannyAheadOur political arena is called a democracy but it is anything but.  I have to start with the fact that the country is a republic not a democracy, that’s a known fact.  However that’s not what bothers me most about our system.  Our election system is nothing short of a shared tyranny and that’s what gets under my skin.

                There are essentially only two political parties in this country.  All other parties have no chance of ever holding the highest office in the land.  Yes there are congressmen here and there that are not members of the two parties but they are virtually powerless and they have virtually zero chance of running for the office of president.  With our present system there is no way anyone will ever reside in the White House without the endorsement of one of these two parties.

                The two parties control the entire political process from beginning to end.  They decide who the candidates will be and who we vote for or vote against.  They make the decision by putting their money and power behind their chosen ones.  They make it appear as though the public decides on the candidates but in reality they are decided in backrooms, hidden hallways, dark alleys and boardrooms by our country’s power bases.  It always comes down to the money.  Follow the money you will find the power and that power is always behind the chosen candidates who will eventually be allowed into the White House.

                The power is the key to our political system.  The two parties are controlled by theirRepublicrat own power bases. Each party has its own agenda and their agendas appear to be as different as night and day but are they really?  Their elected members don’t always remain true to their stated philosophies. More and more these days the Republican Party members seem to vote across the party line which should be against their political views but yet they still do it. Why would that be? Is the Republican Party really the standard bearer for conservatives in America?

                There is absolutely one thing they do have in common and that is their tyrannical hold on the presidential process.   If you want to be president then you have to have an endorsement from one of these two parties, or you might as well go home.

 Drugs               Everyone thinks the candidates are decided by the people. They are partially correct because once the top money makers are narrowed down then the media convinces the voters, who the one candidate from each party will be.  By this time usually “the behind the scenes power brokers” have already put their marbles behind their choice.  Isn’t it odd that the same candidates they back are always the same ones endorsed by the two parties? Once it is narrowed down to two candidates the news media “pushes” their candidate like a drug dealer pushes drugs.

It is also believed that the media circus surrounding the election process is just a way to get the candidates’ views to the public.  That is also partially correct.  The media does somewhat report on the views of the candidates but they do it with a slant, thus biasing the information.  They also ask the questions in a manner to get the answers that they want.  They ask the questions to guide the answers and the public in s certain direction. The ignorant masses vote based on the media’s tainted data process, because they are of the impression that the news is factual and accurate, but it is far from it.  Therefore their decisions are being controlled by the media and they are totally ignorant to the fact that they are being manipulated.

                As far as the actual election process itself, where in the Constitution does it say a candidate has to have vast sums of money behind them before they can run for President?  This is the number one requirement to win elections these days.  Our system demands vast advertising to get the word out, vast numbers of committees and writers to make their views appealing, vast numbers of advisers to help the lies sound good and vast resources to move the political machine across the country.  I didn’t even mention the vast sums of money needed to bribe the appropriate officials when needed.  The very fact that there is so much money involved makes it vulnerable to corruption.  Corruption always follows the money, and corruption and money always feed on each other.

                Our government offices were never meant to be a means to a livelihood.  The first elected officials in our government didn’t run for office for the money or for the retirement package.  That’s not the case today.  Today our elected officials can retire from their perspective offices a lot better off than they were when they entered their office.  Originally the intention for serving in a public office was for doing a service for your country, not for creating a highly profitable career.  But today we are surrounded by career politicians all grabbing at any and every thing that will fit in their pockets or their friends’ pockets.  They will do anything to get what they want.  The backroom is where all the political decisions are made not in the public eye.

PigletPileIt has gotten so bad that congress can’t vote on a single bill without adding hundreds of little hidden items inside the bill.  These little items or pork are used to bribe the opposition to vote the bill through and this only serves the purpose of a corrupt agenda. That is government corruption not public service.  A bill should be voted on its merits and its merits alone.  Those little hidden items or little piglets, typically would never get voted in on their own merits, so they have to be slid in under the rug.  That’s not open door politics, that’s backroom politics. That’s corruption and the pork is really piling up. It is getting so bad that it is about to bankrupt America.

If our politicians really wanted to “change” our political system this should be one of the first things to be changed.  I am sure ninety nine percent of the pork in Washington is passed through Congress this way.  If these pork barrel legislations were brought before congress in the public forum and debated on, they would die within seconds.  Even the media couldn’t resist the fantastic news stories they would generate.  The congressman or congresswoman who proposed them would be the laughing stock of the whole country.  Removing their ability to put riders on the bills could save this country billions if not hundreds of billions of dollars every year and we could barbeque the pork once and for all.

                But as long as the system is controlled by the two parties and the media, we’ll never see any real change, at least not a real change which will result in any improvement in our system.  The present “change” we are experiencing will not amount to a hill of beans when it comes to improving our country, let alone our political system. But it instead it is changing our system to the detriment of American values and to the detriment of any true economic recovery.

                I haven’t even touched on the illegal activity within the voting system which is so bad that it has virtually corrupted the entire process. I have very little confidence in the integrity of the voting system. How can we trust the voting system when people can vote without proving who they are, let alone proving that they are actually citizens? Then we have the problem from corrupting the software within the electronic voting machines and the problem from thugs being allowed to intimidate voters right at the front door of the voting locations. Our election system is broken and until it is fixed we can forget ever getting one of OUR candidates into the White House.


MeCloseUp1This article was written by Bertrum J Meisner Jr. I am not a professional writer. I am just a common every day laborer like most of you. I write from my heart, logic and life experiences. I am a devout Constitutional conservative and Christian. My only degree is in life experiences, which comes from a lifetime of learning from life. I derived my education from being part of this great nation and that has given me more of an education than I could ever get from any text book. I love this country and everything it is supposed to stand for. I write to bring it back to its roots and to help stop the destruction that is coming to this country both morally and physically.

Bertrum James Meisner Jr


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