My Predictions for 2013

December 25, 2012


Well, a new year is upon us once again and it’s time to look back at the past year to see where we went wrong. It’s not hard to see that our biggest failure was in the November elections. It is time to see where we can improve on last year’s mistakes. It’s not hard to see that we must do a better job of educating the voters. It is time to make resolutions to correct our failures and ourselves. It’s not hard to see that we must elect better people into public service. It is also the time for making predictions for the coming years.

But how does one predict the future? I’m not much of a fortune teller, but some things in the future are easy for me to see. It would be easy to say the economy will continue on its downward spiral, but that wouldn’t be much of an earth shattering prediction. One could be optimistic and say that the economy is going to turn around and rebound, that would be an earth shattering prediction, especially if it really did come true. Here are a few predictions that I could make for the future.


One could predict that we will have fewer rights by next year’s end.

One could predict that one of those rights would in all probability be the second amendment – the right to bear arms.

One could predict that our right to not be detained without due process could be diminished or destroyed.

One could predict that our right to practice Christianity in public will be attacked and made harder to enjoy.

One could predict that our right to property will be further destroyed within the next year.

One could predict that the Federal government will continue to subjugate the states and its citizens by absorbing their rights into its rights.

One could predict that our right to protest government officials will be lessened in the future.

One could predict that our right of freedom from fines and forfeitures without a trail maybe forfeited.

One could predict that we will lose our right to taxation only with representation.

One could predict that our rights against illegal search and seizures will be seized.

One could predict that our right for the pursuit of happiness will have an unhappy future.


Yes, it would easy to predict any and all of these things. It would be a cop out not to admit that most, if not all, have already happened in some way, shape or form, or are happening as we speak. It doesn’t take a fortune teller to see where this country is headed. The present government’s mentality isn’t focused on the rights of its citizens, but instead obsessed with the rights of the government.

This isn’t anything new.  This trend has been going on ever since this country was founded. The biggest boost in Federal power happened when the south lost the war. In less than one year the Federal government downgraded the states as sovereign power bases to satellite entities subject to Federal control. This is just one example of the power absorption by our government. There are many more, but I won’t go into them because there are too many to mention.

Then there is the myth of “separation of church and state” being within our Constitution. It has all but destroyed a citizen’s ability to use the word God in public. It won’t be long before the word will be erased from all government forms, texts, documents, speeches and money. God is presently being erased from all government forums.

Every one of these predictions has already come true in some form. Our daily lives are no longer as free as they were when this country was founded. Each year every one of our rights is eroded in one way or another. Once they are eroded they are never reconstructed. Once you lose a right or part of a right it is lost forever because the loss of our rights constitutes power gained for our government. We all know that no one wants to give up any of their power that they accumulate. That is especially true about governments.

You may think that governments thrive on monetary gains, but that is the farthest thing from the truth. Governments have only one thing that drives them and that is power. They want power in the international arena. They want power in the economic arena. They want power on the seas. They want power on land. They want power at home and on their streets. Power is the currency of governments, not gold or silver.

The entire agenda of any government is to grow its power and it will do it any way it can. The BlackHolepresent administration isn’t interested in the international power; actually its agenda is just the opposite. Our leader is an anti-colonialist. He hates governments that colonize others. That means he hates governments that force their will on other nations. This mentality impedes the government’s growth internationally. That means that it can’t grow in power economically, militarily, territorially or diplomatically because that would be forcing its will on other nations. Since the government is like an ever growing black hole sucking in all that it can grasp, then it has to find power to consume from somewhere else.


Well, since our government can’t grow in international power and it has to grow power somehow, and that means it must find another place to grow in power. That only leaves one venue to increase its power and that is the domestic venue. Therefore, our government has to grow its power at home, and since power can’t be invented but has to be taken, there are few options open to our government. They have already virtually castrated the states so there is little power there to be taken. That leaves us “we the people” and our power.

It is a foregone conclusion that they have already been taking power from us, but it is also a foregone conclusion or prediction that the government is coming for more of mine and your rights. Our rights are the only power we have and it is the only place the government has left to grow its power.

Yes, it’s not hard to predict, but we will have fewer rights by next year’s end.  The future isn’t so elusive after all, is it?

If you don’t want this kind of future for America then you better start acting now to reserve and preserve your rights. They are far too easily corrupted and corroded. They must be cared for and nurtured or they will be gone before you know it.




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