Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste!

October 3, 2012

Obama definitely believes in this philosophy but he would probably add:  and if you don’t have a good crisis, make one.


Has anyone else noticed how the crises just keep coming for Obama?  When he first took office the Tea Party came knocking and Obama had a public relations crisis. So he demonized the Tea Party and tried to make them look like violent radical fanatics. The liberals tried everything they could think of to not only make them look violent, but to make them become violent. The Tea Party never took the bait.

When they couldn’t prod the Tea Party, they created their own fake “grassroots” organization called the Occupy Wall Street movement. Then they tried to make it look like their group was affiliated with the Tea Party, and when that didn’t work they tried to suck the Tea Party into a trap.  They tried everything they could to get the Tea Party to join into the OWS circus but the Tea Party wasn’t that stupid. They looked through the facade and saw the true nature of the movement. The Tea Party could tell that their agendas mere diametrically opposed.

The liberals want to create riots and large protests to create their own homegrown crisis. They needed the numbers on the streets so they needed the Tea Party members to make violent protests, but they misunderstood the Tea Party and its values because they aren’t violent by nature. They created the OWS movement to instigate violent protests but were unable to fool enough people into believing the false agenda of the OWS movement, so the movement fizzled almost to oblivion without the needed numbers. There was never a large enough crowd to make the necessary destruction to make a large enough crisis for the administration to step in.

Then there was the economy being destroyed and unemployment skyrocketed.  This crisis was supposed to make the masses hit the streets with the OWS fakes. However, the masses weren’t as stupid as the liberals thought. They never hit the streets in protest in any large numbers, probably because they were hard working people they naturally went to work looking for another job. Even though many haven’t found another job, they are smarter than the liberals think. The entire liberal movement has underestimated the American spirit. It can’t be manipulated so easily. It can be fooled and led astray, but eventually it wakes up and finds the right path.

There were so many other events that this administration has tried whole heartedly to turn into a crisis, that I can’t possibly cover them all here. When Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot they did all they could to make it look like the shooter was a conservative. The motive behind placing the blame at the feet of the Tea Party was to rile the public against the Tea Party and the entire conservative movement, but that backfired when it was revealed that he was a liberal. The media quickly shifted gears and they then had to turn him into a nut job instead.

Then there was the Trayvon Martin shooting which showed us just how Obama and the liberals really feel about justice in America. The shooter George Zimmerman, who was defending himself from an attack by Trayvon. He was first cleared by the police of any wrong doing, then the liberals took note of the case. They turned all the facts upside down to make it look like a white person had shot the black Trayvon out of racial hatred. The media fed the hysteria with lies and distortions. Even the president fed the hysteria when he made the statement that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon. It was another attempt to create a crisis and it almost worked because the black community all over America was starting to riot, until the truth came out. The entire episode was a black mark on American justice, and a black eye for Constitutional values in America.

Since they have been unsuccessful in creating the necessary violent crisis here in America, they have had to move to offshore. They have been spreading their tentacles the world over, but nowhere have their tentacles tickled up more trouble than in the Middle East. They have been enabling Muslim protests worldwide and allowing them to act out their hatred toward America.

The European economic crisis allowed the administration to manipulate our economy and pull it down even further. The financial path America is taking is identical to the path Greece took, and look where it got them. The Middle East rioting and governments being overthrown allowed him to manipulate the world environment and its stability. More countries have been overthrown in the past year than have been over thrown in the same time frame since WWII.

Like I said, there are too many for me to mention them all, but you get the idea. There have been so many crisis events that I can’t remember them all. I don’t think there has been a week during his entire time of residing in the White House that there hasn’t been at least one crisis fronting him. That can’t be an accident.

These have all been attempts to create a crisis which would call for drastic actions. “Drastic Actions” are just what administrations need in order to grab more of our freedoms. Throughout history every crisis has resulted in someone’s loss in freedoms. Think about 911 and how it resulted in a huge loss in our freedoms. Flying in an airplane will never be the same. Grabbing our freedoms is the main agenda because the more freedoms we give up the more the government can control us. Crisis after crisis we are gradually losing control of our beloved America and her values. The present government is no longer our government, but his government. He issues executive order after executive order bypassing congress, and ignoring judiciary rulings.

If we don’t take our government back from this administration in November, then it will never be our government again. We can’t just sit around and wait for our government to improve things for us by itself, because if you do, then you’ll probably turn into a skeleton before it happens. The clock is ticking. We need to stop watching the clock and start turning the hands back. We need to turn the hands of time back to the time when America was a government OF the people and FOR the people, not of and for the elite. It needs to turn back to its roots of a Constitutional Republic and away from it present state of mutation into a Socialist State.

Will you join me in this endeavor to revive our dying government? Will you get out there and discuss this with any and everyone you can, so they will wake them up from their blind slumber? Will you go to the voting booth in November and vote this abomination out of the White House? Will you be a true patriot of American and fight for America? It will take all of us to bring her back from her death bed, I’m sure we can do it if we are united and if not, then “In God We Trust”.




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