Obama Didn’t Make This, A Liberal Mindset

August 2, 2012



I had the privilege to talk to a diehard liberal today. Before going into the discussion, I knew his political persuasion but I was curious about his thoughts on the upcoming election. I also knew that he would not be voting because he was denied that privilege due to his actions in his younger days.  So I asked him if he could vote, who he would vote for in the presidential election. He amazed me with a very strong answer of Obama of course.

I’m not sure why I was amazed, but it did stun me that he could still want to give Obama another chance. I then asked, why would you want Obama after all that he has done to our economy? He quickly informed me that Obama has never been given a chance because the House of Representatives has stopped everything he has proposed. He stated that Obama has never done anything for the economy because none of his plans have ever been put into action.

I then asked him, then whose economic plans are we implementing in America today. He said that we are still under Bush’s and The House’s’ economic plans. I asked him how could that be, doesn’t the Senate have to pass any economic plan before it can be implemented? He proceeded to explain how the Republicans have coerced the Senate into doing their bidding.

He even mocked everyone for making fun of Obama’s statement about how the business owner didn’t make his business everyone else helped him. But yet he is one of the first to mock a conservative when they make a slip or say something that he disagrees with. He tried to say that everyone blew his words out of proportion. He would not accept the fact that Obama was belittling the entrepreneur and those who work hard for what they have made. He defended Obama to the bitter end and probably always will.

After that we started a conversation about Obamacare, and I asked does he agree with the health care bill. He stated he was in agreement with it 100%. I stated that it is a socialist program and how could he support such a socialist program. He laughed and mocked me then stated that it is NOT a socialist program. I then asked, isn’t any government program that financially provides for its citizens a socialist program. He didn’t answer that question directly but instead he diverted it with the statement that all other industrialized nations have national healthcare.  He further explained that America was behind all other industrial nations because we didn’t provide for a government provided health care system.  I told him he should look “socialized medicine” up in a dictionary and then come back and tell me again that Obamacare isn’t socialized medicine. I’m sure he will never do either.

Then I brought up the fact that Obama was creating his own government with his new czar program and asked him how he felt about that.  He immediately pulled the Bush card. He said that Bush grew our government 10 times more than Obama has. Again he didn’t answer my question, so I asked, do you agree with what Obama has done to the executive branch of our government? He said, “Why shouldn’t I, after all he is just trying to get more help to fix the economy which Bush screwed up”.

I then asked him how Bush virtually doubled the national debt 3 years after he was out of the office. He said Bush set the wheels into motion that resulted into the debt we now have. Obama has been trying to stop it.

This is where I gave up. I realized that he was still beyond reason and he would NEVER accept the fact that Obama and the liberal left are responsible for everything that has happened to this country in the past 3 years. This is a prime example of how illogical and blind the liberals can be. They have put blinders on when it comes to everything Obama does. They have named him their savior and thus beyond sin. They are hopelessly ignorant.

Oh… by the way he used to eat Chick Fil-A almost every day, so I asked him how he felt about the gay marriage issue and Chick Fil-A. He said quote “I will never eat there again.” I can guarantee you he will be true to his words because many years ago he had the habit of eating Mexican food 3-4 times a week but when Mexicans protested in California, he said the same thing about Mexican food. Since that day, as far as I know he has never eaten Mexican food again. He can carry a grudge forever, so he will never eat Mexican or Chick Fil-A food again. He can be and is an angry and unforgiving person with anyone who doesn’t see things the same way he does.

I have known this particular liberal for many years and he has never wavered from his liberal roots but I have never given up hope that one day he will wake up. I gave up trying to argue at length with him a long time ago because he always gets angry and insulting very quickly when religion and politics are involved. I can only hope that he wakes up before we are living in a socialist state. I do find some comfort in the fact that his vote will never count because it is illegal for him to vote. But then again I can only wonder, is his vote really not being counted, after all there are an awful lot of dead Democrats who are still voting. BJMJr


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