Peanut Butter and Jelly is Still Racist

November 21, 2012


I keep thinking that this will be my last article about the failed school systems in America, but I continue to fool myself. I just can’t stand by and not comment when I see such injustices perpetrated against our children. They are our future and unless we protect them from these kinds of educational crimes, our future is doomed.


I posted an article some time ago about how a public school had made peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a racist issue. If you haven’t already read my previous article here is a link to it so you can read it if you desire to do so.


Well the story isn’t over yet. The school principal hasn’t given up on her racist agenda. You can’t remove racism from society by finding racism in everything you touch. You can’t remove racism from society if you never shut up about it. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, not that what is happening here is a good thing.

This school has been turned into a battlefield of racial tension and all because of the racial agenda of one principal. “Whiteness” is considered an evil. The very color of one’s skin is a determent to student and teacher alike according to this principal. Teachers are told they are not capable of teaching any students other than the students of their own color. Students are treated differently according to their skin color. There still are privileged students, but they are the children of “color” not the students with “whiteness”. If white is such a bad color why are so many school walls and floors white? I know that was a ridiculous statement, but so is the extreme this principal has taken her “whiteness” agenda to.


The school is oozing with racism but not from the students, not from the teachers, and not from the parents, but instead it is from the school administration. There should have been a red flag on the play the first day that this principal found racism in everything she touched. That is the way it was originally stated “she found racism in everything”. Usually if you find racism in everything then more than likely you are either a racist yourself or you are paranoid. Either way you should not be teaching students, let alone be a principal. There is zero racism in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but I am sure a racist can find some racism in the sandwich if they really wanted to.


Approximately half of the staff from 2010-11 left the school when the year was over, I doubt that half of the staff was so racially biased that they had to leave the school. Students have also been exiting the school because of the environment. It is a racially hostile environment. The principal has told human resources that she ONLY wants bilingual teachers but she goes even further than that. She wants teachers with no accent, she isn’t against Spanish accents just English accents. That is racism my friends. She is building up the racial tension with her agenda.


One administrator stated that this “whiteness” has to do with the predominate culture, not the skin color. I have one question for that administrator. What is the predominate culture in America? Is it African American, is it Mexican, is it Islamic, or is it Asian? Of course it is none of them, it is a European culture hence a “whiteness” culture. Of course “whiteness” is the predominate culture and as such it is the culture that these students have to survive in, not in some artificially created culture in some alternative classroom culture.


But that isn’t telling the whole story of American culture because America is supposed to be melting pot. All the people who come here bring their own culture and they blend their culture into the melting pot, at least that was the way it worked for years. Our culture is a blend of all cultures but it is predominately white because we are predominately white.


The melting pot worked great until the liberal mindset decided to change that. There is a famous motto in America which goes like this “United we stand and divided we fall.” You can’t have a united group or united country if you push for racial segregation and push for cultural difference. That is really what this principle is pushing, she is not helping the blending within the melting pot. She is dipping out a particular group and putting them in an isolated pot away from the real American melting pot. She is letting them stew away from mainstream America and that will feed the racial separation in America, not cure it.


America is predominately white, face it, wake up and see the white wash. I’m not saying that it is necessarily a good thing or bad thing that America is predominately white. I am saying it is just a fact of life in America. Isolating young impressible minds from the reality is not the way to teach them how to deal with reality. If they are raised in an isolated environment then they will probably never realize what reality is and they will never know how to deal with it.


You may wonder why the school system doesn’t do something if it is so bad? That is a complicated question to answer. This particular school has never been a stellar school and has a long way to go to even come close to being acceptable. So it has been turned into a guinea pig school. The school system is experimenting with the school to see what happens with the removal of all “whiteness”. I’m sure also that the school system is afraid of being called racist if they act against a principal who claims to be such an advocate against racism. The problem is also that the “whiteness” agenda problem is a minor problem for the school board since the white race is a minority in the neighborhood.


There is a problem with the education of the minorities in America, but it isn’t the whiteness that holds them back. It is the climate that they are raised in. If you are raised in a home where your father and/or mother doesn’t work for living but yet they get a paycheck, then you will never see the value in excelling in school or in anything else. Other parental actions also set the example for the children. If the children are raised in a home where the parents aren’t even present, how can the children expect to learn responsibility? If the children have no responsible adults in their personal life at all, how can anyone expect anything different out of them? If you want to improve the student’s performance in school then improve their home life. I’m not talking about giving anyone a handout. I’m talking about bringing morality and personal responsibility back into the home.  Try it and the results will floor you. It is the only way that we will ever make a difference in the education of the underprivileged.

Give America and Americans their moral compass back and the country will quickly change back to the powerhouse that it once was. Home life in America will greatly improve. Children throughout America will have a reason to learn and excel in school. The world will be a better place with a moral America.


If you are wondering how the students perceive this environment then read the following comment posted by a former student. It will give you an idea of what kind of impression this school is making on its students. There is also a comment from a former employee at the school which isn’t very flattering either, but I didn’t copy it here.


as a former Harvey Scott student, I am almost ashamed to say that I came from that school. “DR. G” as she rightfully clamed herself and wouldn’t reply to anything else, is fireing all the teachers that are not bilingual or because they are white because of their skin color. Before she arrived my 8th grade year, most of the students did not see race as an issue and went through the day as if nothing was diffrent between us. But when she was princable of our school she intintionally segregated the students mentally and emotionally by starting groups that were meant to be open for all students, but only those of latino or African decent were allowed in. also she would (in my experience) treated students of white decent with less respect because of our so-called privlages. DR. G came to Harvey Scott to improve its reputation, but instead caused it to be recognized as a racist school and it is a shame it has to be that way.


If you wish to learn more or read more comments about this story here is a link to more information on the subject. Please DO read the comments, they are very enlightening, at least some are. There are many ex-students from that school and from ex-students from the principal’s prior schools. I didn’t see any flattering comments from any of the students.




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