Political Correctness… is it Tolerant Correctness?

April 21, 2012

BY Bertrum J Meisner, Jr              

                We are told that political correctness is all about being tolerant of other’s sensitive’s… but is it really? 

                Have you ever considered what being politically correct is all about?  Webster’s definition is: “conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated.”  Another online dictionary puts it this way:  “adhering to a typically progressive orthodoxy on issues involving especially race, gender, sexual affinity or ecology.”

            According to these definitions, any comment or gesture, on these subjects that can be even remotely considered offensive to anybody, is politically incorrect. But the politically correct “worshipers” take it a step further, they consider any comment or gesture that offends or might offend someone, on any subject, to be taboo and punishment by any and every means possible.

            I wonder if anyone ever really considered the fact that a very large chunk of the English language is politically incorrect. The English language, like many languages uses gender discrimination in its application. To distinguish a person’s sexual orientation it uses words like: he, she, him, her, his, hers, king, queen, prince, princess….  All of these could be considered offensive to someone especially those with ambiguous sexual orientation.  English language even uses titles to distinction sexual orientation such as: Mr. Mrs. Ms. Sir, Ma’am… I know that can be offensive to some, because I have been told by a few that is. Does this mean we should gut the English language of any words that are sexually oriented? To create a politically correct utopia wouldn’t it be a necessity to remove any offensive words from the language? I wonder if anyone has ever considered the magnitude of change it would take to become a politically correct state?

            Many languages carry the sexual reference even further by tagging sexual orientation onto other words such as nouns describing animals and even inanimate objects. It places feminine and masculine tenses onto the names of objects when discussing them.  Couldn’t it be offensive to someone, to have a very unseemly object referred to as male or female?

            The “politically correct police” would tell you that this isn’t what the “movement” is about, but in actuality it is because you can’t have a half politically correct system. It is either politically correct or it isn’t and as I illustrated, in order to create a truly politically correct state you would have to go the extra mile sooner or later.

            The movement tells us that political correctness is used to make people more tolerant of others sensitivities.  It is supposed to stop people from offending others and thus make people more tolerant of other’s sensitivities. How can they be tolerant of others when they make it mandatory for others to abandon their values and thoughts by censoring their every move and thought?  All they are doing is making one section of society comfortable at the expense of another section of society.  They are no better than a dictator who dictates everyone’s values and actions.

            The political correctness movement is about intolerance not tolerance. They are the ones who can’t tolerate other’s thoughts, beliefs, values or comments. That is why they want to censor them. Yes censor, face it that is what political correctness really is, censorship.

            Political correctness is just another of the tools in a socialist’s tool bag.  I am all for being polite and civil with others but not when it is forced on the public or when it infringes on someone’s civil right to free speech.  A big part of a free society is free speech and free speech comes with some unpleasant realities. One of them is that you will hear things that you don’t want to hear and yes some of them will offend you.  That is part of life in the real “free” world but it isn’t tolerated in the artificial world of “socialist” freedom.  If the movement was really about tolerance then they would tolerate the comments not attack them.

                There is a time to tell someone that they are worthless, just like there is a time not to tell them such a cruel thing.  Life has to be harsh at times so we can learn from life.  The socialist don’t want us to learn from our mistakes, they want to cover up our mistakes so we remain ignorant and dependent on THEM. Don’t be ignorant and dependent on anyone, especially socialist. When you become ignorant and/or dependent you give up your right to freedom.  When you give up your right to freedom you become a slave.  Being politically correct is the first step to serfdom, are you willing to take that step?—BJMJr

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