Racism Racing Through Our Lives

September 13, 2012

The Portland School System has definitely lost their grasp of reality.  Maybe you heard that they have decided that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is racist.  The Portland Tribune has reported that one principle in particular finds subtle racism language everywhere in her school, and she does this daily.

Haven’t they considered the fact that nothing is racist unless you make it racist?  Haven’t they considered the fact that you can read almost anything you want into almost anything?   Haven’t they considered the fact that if you find racism in almost everything then maybe you’re the racist?  Haven’t they considered that if you find racism in everything then maybe they want to find racism in everything?

It amazes me how society tends to grab a hold onto an idea, then it runs with it so hard that it loses all of its control and direction.  Throughout history man has done this.  The Salem witch hunts, the land grabs from the American Natives, the McCarthy Hearings, Affirmative Action, Political Correctness, and now American Racism they are all in the same category of fanaticism.

Americans need to stop letting fanatics use our own values against us.  The fanatics use our tolerance and our rights against us, but we have to stop letting them.  It was time to say enough is enough, long before it ever got to our peanut butter and jelly.  When the fanatics are allowed to get to our food it is almost too late, because when they can control our diet and food supply we are at their mercy.  This is censorship, but that is the agenda they have been pushing for, all along.  I wish Americans would wake up and smell the roses, or rather the peanut butter and jelly.

Just because we are tolerant and believe in personal rights that doesn’t mean that it is okay for others to suppress our rights.  Their rights do not cancel out our rights.  I have the same right to have my peanut butter and jelly sandwich as they do for not having it.  The problem is that if the political left doesn’t want or like something, then not only do they want to avoid the offensive object, but they don’t want you to have it either.  I still “should” have the right to what I want as long as it is a moral desire, regardless of what others want and as an American I should always have that right.

I can only wonder what kind of ideas are going through those poor students’ heads in Portland because of these ridiculous concepts.  Is it any wonder that our education system is no longer teaching our kids to be productive in the world?  If this is what our educators are worrying about, instead of math, science, literature and other acceptable curriculum?  If so, then there is no hope for reviving our education system.

Our education system’s job is not to program our children with liberal agendas.  Its job is to teach them standard curriculum.  I repeat it’s job is not to program them with political views.  Is this how our education system serves our children?  If so, I have to wonder how they define “serve”.

A good teacher teaches and lets the students think for themselves, they do not tell the students how to think and what to think.  A good teacher doesn’t teach negativity but teaches with positive lessons.  A good teacher doesn’t program racism concepts into their students.  Racism is a problem in America but it’s not in our peanut butter and jelly; but I have to admit that the Portland School System is correct it is in our classrooms.  However it’s not where they are finding it, but rather it is in our teachers and educators not… in our food and students.

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