Should I waste my vote?

May 27, 2012


BY Bertrum J Meisner Jr  There is a mentality all across America that the way some people vote, it is a waste of their vote.  I find that mentality totally ignorant.  No vote is wasted whether your candidate wins or loses.  Your voting is your civic duty as an American.  Those who don’t vote because they don’t like either candidate ARE wasting their vote.  They are allowing others to decide who will run this country.  If everyone followed their example then the voting booths would be like ghost towns on Election Day. The only voters that would be found at the polls would be the extremists, is that who you want electing you government?

                 To not vote at all, is to abandon your government and allow others to run your government in manner they wish.  If you don’t vote then you have no right to complain later when the elected officials do something you don’t like. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like either candidate, someone has to be elected and that someone should be elected by the people, ALL the people.  I sure that no matter how much you dislike each candidate there has to be one, that at least leans slightly in a direction that you would prefer.  If you don’t vote for someone whose philosophy has the slightest resemblance to your political philosophy then you are abandoning your ideals for the government and leaving government to the dogs.

                If you are a Christian then I believe not voting is going against Christianity. I know it is a stretch but Christians are told to give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. Our Caesar is our government and our government is “we the people”. Our government was created by and for the people and to be run by those elected by the people. If you don’t vote then you are not giving that which belongs to Caesar to Caesar.  Voting is a civic duty that must be done, otherwise the people will not be heard or represented properly.

                As a Christian, you should feel that it is a serious Christian duty to speak out and fight against evil.  What better way to have your voice heard and fight against evil than to vote for what is right? If you are a Christian and you see the evil that is befalling America but you do not even vote to stop it, then you aren’t fighting for what is right, but instead you are allowing the evil to continue that makes you an accomplice.  ALL patriots, Christian and non-Christian alike need to come together to make a common front to the stop the progress of the progressives. The progressive assault on America cannot be stopped if we don’t ALL vote as a united group.

                It has been said that most of our elections are basically choosing between the lesser of two evils which is accurate in a lot of cases.  Voting for the lesser of two evils is still choosing the better of the two candidates. If that isn’t done then the greater of the two evils has a better chance of getting in control of our government.  The lesser is always better than the greater of two evils. Voting for the lesser of two evils is not wasting a vote because placing the lesser of two evils into office instead of the greater of the two evils, at least slows the progressive progress. That in itself is a victory, although a small one.

                It has also been said that voting for any candidate not affiliated with the two major parties is a wasted vote. This can be seen both ways. It can be seen as wasted vote if there is truly a dominate evil in office that must be removed and isn’t removed because there wasn’t enough opposing votes to the evil. In this instance, the vote is not used to its fullest potential and thus part of its power is wasted. However it isn’t totally wasted because it is one’s right and duty to vote with their heart and their convictions. There is a time to rebel and go against the establishment but that time isn’t when there is no hope of your candidate getting elected and when it is at the expense of stopping a corrupt government.  If your vote allows the downfall of your government then your vote is not a waste but rather a tragedy. It is never a waste to vote, but it can be a shame how you do or don’t vote. BJMJr


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