Socialism or Capitalism… Which Will It Be

November 4, 2012



There are basically two “major” economic ideologies in the world, capitalism and socialism/communism.  I know that there is a difference between socialism and communism but one is almost impossible without the other. Also for this discussion one can be substituted for the other because they both get you to the same desolate place in the world. I have nothing against socialism or communism ideologies.  Matter of a fact I think they are excellent ideologies.  It would be great to have a system where no one went hungry and everyone was well taken care of but even though they claim to do just that they seldom if ever live up to their own standard.  They also have some major flaws that destroy any benefit gained from the wealth sharing.  The flaws I speak of have nothing to do with the ideologies themselves, instead they have everything to do with the implementation and human nature.

The most predominant flaw is that human nature is not compatible with their application. Human nature is flawed and therefore everything humans touch will be flawed. The ideology of socialism is a noble ideology in its purest form but since humans are not pure, socialism can never be pure. When a system needs to be pure to be functional and fair then it is flawed because nothing is pure or perfect and thus cannot be implemented without serious issues.

The capitalist system when placed in the proper type of republic, promotes checks and balances to control abuses.  It also promotes performance in hard working and inventive people by providing rewards for excelling.

In contrast the socialist system is wide open for abuse because the government has the first and last word in everything.  The checks and balances are non-existent because everything is controlled by the central government and there is no one to question them.  It has absolute power and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  You don’t have to look far to find examples of this in any socialist state. Every socialist government to grace this planet has been a disaster for its people and for itself. None have ever been successful because  eventually they all collapse because the general public are not driven or motivated to do anything.

The socialist system doesn’t inspire its citizens to excel at anything.  Why should anyone work hard when there is no reward?  Would you work your tail off on a job when the fellow worker standing right next to you, does nothing all day?  Especially when you know he is getting paid the same salary as you, regardless of your excelled performance and their lack of productivity.  The capitalist system does reward hard work and does promote self reliance.

I’m not saying that capitalism is perfect because it isn’t but it is a far cry better than anything you get from a socialist or communist system.

Human nature conflicts with the implementation of a socialist system.  The humans in power will abuse the power and the average human will be abused by that power.  The system may work but it will never excel as an outstanding system because there is no incentive for anyone to excel. It will never excel also because those in power will always abuse that power which will deter any excellence that maybe possible.

If people are allowed freedom of thought and are given freedom to pursue their heart’s desire, they can accomplish almost anything.   A socialist system doesn’t inspire anyone to be creative or productive at anything. It actually gets in the way of creativity and production because it cuts the heart out of anyone who might be creative or productive. How many people in history do you know who were communist or socialist and excelled at being creative? That is other than being creative about how to control people and suppress their freedoms. I know there are a few who have excelled but very few. There is always an except to any rule and I would ask you compare the numbers from socialist systems to those numbers that you know about who have excelled in the capitalist system in America?

It is true that one of the earliest Christian churches had a form of communal property system but it was on a voluntary basis not mandatory.  It is also true that a couple abused the system by saying they gave all, but in fact they held back some of their property. It was not a communist system because it was a voluntary system thus it was more of a charitable system than a communist system. But even it was flawed because some corrupted it through their evil intentions from pride and greed.

Man is not perfect and therefore he cannot live in a perfect system and socialism only works when it is perfect. Capitalism has its flaws but the flaws can be held in check if you have a government that is kept in check by its citizens and is forced to be honest. That is what America was built to be. It was created as a Republic with checks and balances everywhere.

The federal government shared power within itself with the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive Branches of government. The federal government shared power with the states and the people. All these separations of power made the government even more powerful but not in the way the government preferred. Most governments would prefer the kind of power that controls but American government created the power that gives freedoms and respect. Then our government took it upon itself to change the checks and balances by removing respect and freedoms.

That is why it changed all the powers and is still changing the powers. It is consolidating the powers into one super power. It is making the federal government the only power in the land. The present administration is taking that one step further he is consolidating all the power into the Executive Branch and thus making the government a totalitarian system. The separation of powers is what made America into the super power that it once was. It is what made America the one country everyone wanted to be part of.

We need those powers to be given back to their rightful owners. The Legislative Branch needs to get off its knees to the President and take its power back. It needs to learn to say “NO!” to the tyranny. The Judiciary Branch needs quit crawling and needs to rule against all of his many unconstitutional acts.  The states need to quit bowing to the federal government and take back what was once rightfully theirs. When the Civil War ended the states were turned into puppet states. The Civil War did right one wrong by stopping slavery but the federal government took advantage of the weakened states and stole a large chunk of the states powers and they continue to do so even more each day.

Now that the federal government has the states right where it wants them, it has set its sights on the people’s power. The only power that the people have is their freedoms and rights. Without those freedoms and rights the people are nothing more than slaves to a tyrannical government. Those rights were created in the first place to stop a tyrannical government and now we are letting another one take them away.

It can be said that in a socialist system we give up some rights in order to receive other rights. However I would rather have the right to free speech, religion, to bare arms, to assemble, the pursuit of happiness and all the other rights inalienable or other wise that we enjoy today. I do not see the right to a job, the right to social security in any and every sense of the word or the right to be enslaved by the government as any improvement over our present rights. But rather I see that as a very poor substitute which takes us back to the same system we had over 200 hundred years ago under the King of England.

Do you want to live under a totalitarian government? Do want to have no freedoms or rights? Do you want to be a slave? That is what you will be if the government is not stopped. Obama must be stopped one way or another. Everyone go vote against the tyranny. Go vote for your freedom. Go vote for your rights. Go take back your government.

This election you will be making your choice for socialism or capitalism. When you vote think about that and be sure of what you are doing when you vote. Your vote does count and it does matter. How it counts and how it matters is important to how it helps or hinders America. Please keep all that I have said in your heart when you vote and make the right decision for America don’t be selfish. America needs you and everyone else out there to do the right thing. America needs YOU!!!



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