December 18, 2012


The past few days I have been almost speechless in the wake of last week’s disaster. I have been having a hard time trying to come to grips with the stupidity of the whole affair. There is little one can say that will comfort the parents and relatives of those poor innocent victims. There is nothing one can say that will change anything about what happened. There is nothing one can do to change the fact so many have died for no good reason. There is no way any of us will ever forget the tragedy. How can anyone ever erase an image of those slain children from their memory?

No one ever wants to let their children go. We especially don’t wantHoldOnToYourChildren to say bye to our children in this manner. We all naturally want to hold on to them for as long as we can. To have one’s children torn from one’s life in this manner is totally incomprehensible to me, and to imagine how the parents must feel is totally beyond my imagination.

No, there isn’t much that can be said or done. The word sorry just doesn’t cut it. One’s sympathy isn’t enough to comfort anyone.  All the hugs in the world can’t ease the pain. All the crying in the world won’t drain our souls of the anguish we all feel. All the speeches won’t change anything. All the memorial serves won’t help those in pain.

We are all in the same boat and there is nothing we or anyone else can do to change that. Some have been thrown out of the boat and are drowning in sorrow. Some are going off the deep end and can’t help themselves but exploit the events.

As always when some lunatic grabs a gun, the gun control advocates go on a rampage pushing their agenda on every street corner and every available news outlet. They do it while exploiting the lives of those taken from us and exploiting those that were left behind. They are heartless and manipulative in their deceitful exploitation.

They use the tragedy to push their agenda, all the while using our sorrowful emotion as the cause for gun control. Yes, the deaths of those, so innocent and so helpless are unacceptable and they are so tragic, but don’t use those emotional tugs at our hearts to invoke your agenda into our lives. Don’t lie to us and tell us that gun control will stop these things from happening, because it won’t and they know that. Gun control will not stop a lunatic from being a lunatic. If a lunatic wants to kill someone he will find a way with or without a gun.

How many of you have heard of the Bath School Disaster? I would say probably very few of you have, but yet it is the worst school attack in American history. The attack took place in Michigan on May 18, 1927 without a single person being shot. The attacker used three bombing episodes. He first killed his wife by a blow to the head then destroyed his house and farm structures with incendiary devices. At the same time one wing of the school building blew up killing some of the children. Then as people were trying to rescue the survivors he went into action again.  He drove up to the school and used a rifle to detonate the dynamite in his shrapnel loaded truck. In the aftermath they discovered some 500 lbs. of unexploded explosives all over the basement in the other wing of the school. If he had been successful in setting off all his explosives then the entire school would have been destroyed and the death toll would have been extremely higher than the 38 elementary school students, 6 adults, and the 58 or so who were injured.

MassShootingsInGunFreeZoneThe entire Bath episode took place without the necessity of firearms. Yes, he used a rifle to set off the last explosion but he didn’t have to, after all, none of the other explosions used a rifle. In China there have been many, many mass murders that have taken place at schools with knives, not guns. Guns are not needed for mass murderers to do their thing, and banning guns won’t stop them. But you don’t hear this side of the story from the gun control advocates.

The gun control advocates aren’t being honest or genuine with anyone when they come screaming when one of these massacres occur. If they were sincere in wanting to stop the massacres then they would be asking for changes that will make a difference, not ones that won’t make any difference at all. I just wish Americans could see through their heartless actions. They not only are exploiting the deaths of our children, but they are doing it for their own heartless selfish reasons. They obviously don’t really care about the innocent lives that were lost or will be lost in the future because they are not working for a viable solution. There will always be more of these attacks, with or without guns as long as our government is set in its ways of doing what is best for them, not what is best for our children or us.

I am speechless about the loss of lives, but not about the heartless left’s agenda and tactics. It angers me and appalls me to see what the left is doing. They are virtually dancing on the graves of those poor little children and that is beyond my comprehension. How can anyone be so heartless? How can anyone be so selfish? How can a bleeding heart liberal be so heartless? What a bunch of hypocrites!




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