SWAT Targets Conservative Bloggers

June 7, 2012

BY BERTRUM J MEISNER JR-Sen. Saxby Chambliss from Georgia recently sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding that the office of AG look into the harassment of conservative bloggers. This harassment was not your run of the mill harassment, but it was a unique method of harassing. They deployed a high tech method called “swatting”, which is when the harasser reports a violent occurrence at the victim’s home.

Chambliss went on to say in his press conference that “These callers are believed to utilize voice-over IP (VOIP) and other less-traditional telecommunications methods to make the call appear to come from the target residence and to hide the caller’s true identity.” This method fools law enforcement into believing that the victim or a member of his family actually made the call so they are quick to believe that there is a credible threat to life. 

We all know what happens when law enforcement is worried about loss of life, they respond with all they have.  That means SWAT and a lot of other policemen for “crowd” control. We also know that SWAT doesn’t walk gently into any building, so when they arrive to diffuse the situation, they do it in a heightened state of readiness.  That means they storm the residence with their finger on the trigger and with the mindset to shoot at the first sign of trouble.

Can you imagine what that would be like for an innocent unsuspecting blogger? Can you imagine what that would be like for their family? This has to be the worst kind of terrorism because it is your own home and it comes out of the blue.

AS BAD as this is, I think it is even worse that it takes a Georgia Senator to bring this to the AG’s attention. The AG’s office should have been all over events like these but they weren’t and why is that? I wonder, does the AG think it isn’t worth his time, just like he doesn’t think Black Panthers harassing white voters is worth his time? This is happening only to conservative bloggers so he is probably cheering for the terrorists. This all makes one wonder if there isn’t some help coming from the liberals in charge.

It is in our best interest to watch and see what, if anything ever comes of this. If nothing is done about this, then any American family could expect SWAT for dinner at anytime. Is this what we have to look forward to in the future, when we exercise our rights in America? If so then this is no longer America.

 My fellow conservative bloggers beware, because there is a nasty liberal element out that will stop at nothing to stop us. They want nothing short of eliminating all opposition along with all information contrary to their line of thought. They want a totalitarian government with only one view being distributed, so watch your back. BJMJr


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