The American Political Environment

July 18, 2012

BY Bertrum J Meisner Jr- Everyone complains about the political environment in America. The liberals, the conservatives, the moderates and even extremist complain that American politics is corrupt and needs a clean sweep to push them all out and start over. If everyone was serious about making a clean sweep then they would be all grabbing their brooms and sweeping out the trash.

But that isn’t what this article is about, instead it is more about blame. Has anyone ever considered whose fault it is that the political environment is the quagmire of corruption that it is?

We all want to blame the politicians but is it the politician’s fault that they are allowed to get away with the murder of the American value system? Politicians are politicians and you can’t blame a person for being true to their nature, even if it is a corrupt nature. Even if a politician does enter our political arena blameless, it isn’t long before he is corrupted by association. The very fact that our system is what it is makes it next to impossible for anyone in politics to remain blameless for long.

Our government was set up to safe guard against corruption by the creation of the separation of powers between the many facets of government but we have allowed our government to blur the lines between those powers.

Can we really blame the politicians? I say no… not completely… instead we should place most of the blame on ourselves. The politicians couldn’t and can’t get away with anything unless we let them. It is our fault and no one else’s. Every problem we are facing today is a direct result of our inaction. That is why it is so important today to get Americans up out of their lounge chairs and around the political round table.

The biggest problem with getting that done is that the American public doesn’t see that this as such a big problem. The American people have grown complacent to government because it has become too hard to make it compliant to their wants and needs. Plus we Americans have had it so easy for so long that we take our government for granted. We expect it to be the same tomorrow as it was yesterday, however it never is.

Many have decided to give up and let the government take care of itself and that is exactly what it is doing, taking care of itself and not the American people. It is growing at an alarming rate. The federal government has been systematically consuming powers that were never meant to be in its grasp in the first place. It is becoming our worst enemy, a totalitarian government.

As for voting, Americans have grown callus to their choices because it has become a choice of the lesser of two evils for so long, that the voters have turned their heads to elections.  Past politicians have been so disappointing in their performance, that the “Joe the plumbers” have become sick of the backed up sewers in our political arenas.

It’s hard to motivate people when the system continually lets them down.  That’s why it’s so important to get good responsible people into office and flush the clogs. If you want to get more people to vote then impress them with government, that will inspire them to get involved. 

Every election that goes by without improving the caliber of candidates is another sewer backup to voter reform.  Voter reform is what this country needs more than anything else.  There is more to voter reform than just voting. It requires devotion to ones values and holding the politicians to an acceptable set of values. If you get voter reform you will get government reform. Since the way we vote has consequences, the way we don’t vote also has consequences. BJMJr



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