The Crime of the American Education System

April 26, 2012

BY Bertrum J Meisner Jr


It is a crime the way our education system is run. It is a crime how much waste is embedded in the system.  It is a crime how little progress has been made in the system, especially considering how much has been invested into the system.

                America spends more on our education system than any other industrialized country in the world but yet it is ranked ninth in science and tenth in math.  That is a crime, a crime against the taxpayer, as well as a crime against the youth of America. However there is a lot more crime involved than what I just stated.

                Have you noticed the crimes being committed all across America?  I’m not talking about the volume of crimes but rather the nature of the people committing the crimes. There is this mentality among the populous that whatever they wish to have, they should have.  There’s no desire to earn the objects of their desire, just the desire to possess them.  They have this idea that the world owns them whatever they wish for.  They don’t care how these possessions are obtained. It can be taken by force, stealth, intimidation or willingly surrendered, it doesn’t matter to them just as long as they obtain them. 

                Their first attempt at possession is usually through the government or charity not through the fruits of their labors. They have been taught this, it didn’t come to them naturally.  For almost a century the socialist factions of this country have been systematically enslaving the poor and down trodden.  They have been programming the unfortunate into believing the government owes them everything.  They have taught the poor that they don’t have to work for anything. They have convinced them somehow that the Constitution entitled them this right.  The unfortunate have been receiving these entitlements for generations and thus each new generation has been programmed from birth.

                Our education system has been enforcing and embedding these values into each generation from kindergarten to college.  The system has been run by the unions not the government and not the public.  The unions are nothing more than a front for the socialists.  With the teachers being members of the unions that makes them pawns in the hands of the socialist unions. Unions were once a needed thing in America but their day is over.   What they were created to do is not what they do today.  The government now protects the worker, so the unions now work to exploit the employer to increase the members’ salaries but that is only so the unions can line their pockets. The unions are more a socialist political power base than a labor watchdog.

                This socialist mentality becomes part of the teacher’s mentality, even though the teacher can have the student’s interest at heart the teacher still has socialist tendencies. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying all teachers are like this, just enough to make a difference in enough students.  It molds the thinking and values of enough students to change the masses.  It doesn’t matter if the teachers do this intentionally or unintentionally but it is happening. Socialism is being taught in our school system in a subtle way but it is being taught.

                This is the biggest crime of our education system because it is undermining our very way of life and converting generations to the socialist way of thinking.  Our society is being converted to socialism gradually one generation at a time through one lesson at a time.  That is the one crime that is more dangerous and threatening to America than any of the others.  It is way we have a socialist in the White House today.  It is why there is very little outcry from the public every time he socializes another facet of our lives.

                Yes, America is doomed to become a socialist country not just because our government is being converted but also because the voters are being converted in the classroom.  The classroom is rapidly becoming a waste land of social programming.  If that isn’t the crime of the century I don’t know what is.  —-BJMJr





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