The Crisis to Top All Crises

October 14, 2012

I previously wrote about how this administration thrives on crisis management but not on managing the crisis to suppress it but to fuel it.  There has been one crisis after another and I believe that was by design. I believe he is looking for that one crisis, that one crisis to be that one great crisis to top all crises. He wants a crisis that will make this country implode, but none of the previous crises have paid off. Their fuses all fizzled out and never delivered the panic and riots that he needs to fulfill his desires.

That makes me wonder what he will do next. The election is just around the corner and if he doesn’t win then what will he do? He knows that he has to be in office next year if he is to complete his “plans” so he has to have “plans” to keep himself in that office. When I think about his possible “plans”, the only thing that comes to mind is his desire for a crisis. He would obviously fall back on what he knows best, crisis creation and manipulation. What crisis would he possibly be able to create after the election? He could easily use the race card, his favorite card in the deck. He could and would say that he lost because of the racist voters.

Is there any subject more volatile in America than racism, well maybe terrorism is more volatile but racism has a longer history in America. There are groups on both sides of the monochromatic line which are ready, willing and able to take up arms for, or against racism.  It wouldn’t take much to ignite a racial war in America but so far he has been unsuccessful to fuel the fire enough to turn it into a wildfire.

Would America go to war with itself over his election loss? Would the white side take up arms? They would probably not be the first to do so but they could and would in all probability respond to any action from the other side. Would the other side take up arms? Most definitely, there are Black Panthers and radical blacks who would quickly take up arms against white America because they are already waiting for an opportunity to do just that.

I can see the Black Panthers and friends becoming very violent and causing serious trouble for America. I can see him igniting a racial fire with claims of racism in the voting booth. I can see him using those racial fires to instate martial law and voiding the election. That would cause the whites and patriots to come out to counter the black outrage. I can see that creating the mother of all crises which he has been searching for from day one. I can see him not leaving the White House because of his self generated national emergency.

But I can also see another possible scenario, if he sees that prior to the election that the winds are not blowing in an unfavorable way; he could cause the same riots to occur before the election or actually during the election. He could then also call off the election because of this national emergency.

You have to remember that he doesn’t have to put all his eggs in one basket. He can trust that the Black Panthers will to step up to the bar for him and cause plenty of chaos. However there is another force in America that he can also depend on to step up to disturb our society. He has been enabling that force to become a stealth enemy within and he has been steadily helping it build up in numbers and power, all across America.

The force that I am alluding to is that hidden force of the muslim population. Within every muslim group there are always at least one or more radicals who are waiting for their chance to make their way to their heavenly virgins.  That means there are thousands of them out there from sea to shining sea, sitting on their hands just waiting.  Waiting to start chaos and mayhem and that is what would be on Obama’s menu.  They are already becoming a very large cancer in our land. They are a cancer that will eventually create the same terminal sickness here that they have created everywhere, that they have burrowed their way into civilized society. We will have to deal with this cancer one day and Obama knows that, so he is probably thinking why not now? What better time to get the maximum mileage out of a good crisis for himself?

As far as Obama’s arguments for his performance, he definitely has no leg to stand on to say that he has been doing a good job and his recent debate with Romney is a prime example of that. It even proved his stupidity, his lack of the ability to think on his feet plus his inability to turn this country around. Anyone who responds to questions the way he does should not be in any government office let alone in the White House. The debate made it blatantly apparent that he can’t think clearly for himself.

He has so many avenues to take but he is, who he is and it is apparent that he isn’t smart enough to come up with any good plan by himself. But he does have a lot of smarter people backing him and they are constantly placing aces up his sleeve, so that he can pull them out and put them into play.

He has the media ready, willing and able to lie for him. He has the Democratic Party ready to do the same. He has a very large part of Washington also willing to do the same. They have already covered up and suppressed many criminal offenses that he has committed. So to pull off a coup against the people and this country should be a very easy task for him. Which is, what I would expect from him! He is the finest example of evil that I have ever since walk the halls of the White House.

Seeing him walking those same halls that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and so many others great men have walked just turns my stomach. He has no right to be there and should be prosecuted for his corruption and the method he used to take office along with all those who were part of the lies. But before we will ever have any chance of prosecuting him or his accomplices we have to remove him from his throne. That is why this November is so important because if he isn’t dethroned in November then he will never be dethroned. It is do or die for America.

America must come out in such huge numbers against that he can never say it was because of racism that he lost. We can’t give him any excuses to use to fight the election results. We need to make a statement at the voting booth, a statement that will say “HELL NO!! We will Not put up with this corruption.” We will not put with this corruption of our government and our way of life.



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