The Robin Hood Lie We Are Being Fed

September 27, 2012


I’m sure we all know the Robin Hood myth. Yes I did say myth! It is a myth because there is no proof that he ever existed. It is a myth also because the character within the myth, Robin has been manufactured into a larger than life person. Whether the character of Robin existed or not doesn’t matter because we have made Robin into someone with nothing but “noble” intentions. I’m sure he was not so noble as we have made him to be.

If he did exist, we can deduce from what we know about the myth that he had to be a thief because that is the main component of the myth. Since he was a thief then he was a person outside the law thus a criminal. Since he robbed supposedly “rich” people he would have had to use violence to overpower their many body guards. Unlike what you see in the movies, the violence dished out would have to be lethal on occasions because few people or body guards give in easily. Since he used violence that means he probably would have had to kill and or maime a few people on occasions. That would make him a violent criminal and murderer. The body guards were working stiffs just like us, who were just trying to make a living the best way they could. They didn’t deserve to die so that Robin could steal from the “rich”.

It is beyond me why such a person would be idolized, sure you could say that the people were being oppressed by the rich and thus the rich got what they deserved. But does that matter? Is it okay to steal from others just because someone else is needy? Is it okay to steal from someone and possibly murder someone just because they oppressed you? If so, then couldn’t that excuse be used by every criminal? Aren’t all criminals needy? Aren’t most criminals oppressed by someone? Also, remember that just because someone is rich that doesn’t mean that they are oppressing others. Sure some do, but not all, and Robin didn’t make a distinction between the differences of the rich.

Is it okay to murder someone just because they take advantage of you? When is murder justified? Is murder ever justified? Even if you feel he was justified, you can bet that Robin Hood didn’t give EVERYTHING he stole to the poor, I’m sure he probably kept some for himself. The myth gives the impression that he gave it all to the poor, but if that was true then he would have to be part of the “poor”.

He has been idolized for centuries but to do that or to idolize his methods would be a grave mistake. If we do so then we are subscribing to his mentality which is “the ends justify the means.” Anyone who adopts this methodology would be able to justify vandalism, mutilation, embezzlement or the murder of anyone they wish. The only justification needed, would be for there to be a positive reward for someone, anyone.

This concept would allow a bank robber to rob a bank, then rape all the tellers, after that he could cut off all the hands of the security guards and then blow up the bank, thus murdering everyone inside. His justification could be that he gave ten percent of his “profits” to his favorite charity. You could take this one step further; if a radical muslim did all those things in the name of his fake god then he could justify his own actions, because it was to glorify his god.

That is what the methodology of the “end justifies the means” REALLY means and that is exactly what the radical muslims believe in. They can do ANYTHING just as long as their god is glorified in the end. That is also what the radical liberals in America believe in.  It is the heart of their redistribution of the wealth agenda. Just like Robin Hood they believe it is okay to take from the rich. They also believe that they can do it anyway they wish as long as they give some to the poor. What they don’t tell you about their agenda is that they just like Robin, they don’t give everything they steal to the poor. The liberal government always keeps its “fair” share of the loot. They collect their
‘fair” share and the poor’s “fair” share through their “fair” tax system at the point of a gun and that gun is in the hands of the IRS branch of the government.

The liberals’ redistribution of the wealth taxation system is using the Robin Hood methodology and it is just as immoral and unfair today as it was back in days of Robin Hood.  It is unfair for the rich because they have had something that belongs to them stolen from them. It is unfair for the poor because they are being allowed to be lazy. The poor will never learn the worth of a dollar if they never have to earn a dollar. If you don’t learn the worth of a dollar you will never be self sufficient.

Self-sufficiency is a lesson we should have all learned in our childhood, and you will never learn that from Robin Hood. He was not a productive member of society. Robin Hood was nothing more than a leech on society. A leech can only survive if there is someone or something to suck on. It is not a self-sufficient creature but a parasitic creature. As a people become productive members of society they learn that they can’t survive forever being a parasite because sooner or later you will run out of victims to suck dry. They also learn that as their victims become less available they have to become more aggressive.  That makes them even more violent.

Socialism, communism, progressivism, liberalism, Islamism and leftism all believe in a form of parasitic world domination. That is probably why the left always sides with the radical Islamists. But unlike leeches, these parasites stick together and when one finds a sucker to be sucked they all jump in to bleed the victim dry. Our American parasites will do just that if we let them, and they will do this by the means of a little lie, the little Robin Hood lie.

We can’t let the left get away with their redistribution lie. When they bite us we must put salt in the wound, so as to help cure the wound and repel the blood suckers. The only salt that will help repel them is the salty truth and that truth is that redistribution of the wealth is nothing more than theft. The truth is that the end does NOT justify the means. The truth is that America cannot survive on this methodology. No society can survive in a parasitic driven government.

Say no to this corrupt mentality, vote against their redistribution champion, and present occupier of the White House. He is no Robin Hood, nor is he a Santa Claus who is going to give you everything you ask for, for Christmas. Just remember if he does give you what you want he had to steal it from someone else. There is a price to pay for stealing from the rich and it is a price that this country really doesn’t want to pay. It is the price of your freedom and your ability to control your own future.

Therefore, I ask you to vote for a conservative who understands what it means to not be a parasite but a productive member of society. That way we can work to turn this country around and work for a positive productive change in American. That will bring back the hope that every American had for the their future prior to 2008.

Then we can push for a tax system that is really fair, not only to the poor, but also to the rich. That tax system is the Fair Tax because it doesn’t tax anyone any differently than anyone else. It will even tax millions of people who have never paid any income taxes but should have.  The income tax system is broken beyond repair and should be abandoned. Our present tax system is like an old inner tube that has been patched so many times that the original rubber can’t be even seen anymore. It is an oppressive system which has been manipulated to benefit the special interest groups and oppress the individual taxpayer.

I will warn you that there are lies everywhere that the left spreads about the Fair Tax, but don’t believe the lies. It is the fairest tax system ever to be contrived by man. If you don’t believe me then investigate it for yourself but don’t take opinions to be facts, read the bill and by all means don’t believe the lies being spread and don’t believe me either, please read and study it for you.  Prove or disprove it for yourself, if you can!  —BJMJr



If you are willing to take responsibility for your government and do your job as a tax paying/voting citizen then here is where you can read the entire text of the FairTax Bill HR25.

If you have questions you can ask any FairTax supporter or go to a FairTax Facebook group and ask but please be careful who you ask because their are a lot of lies being spread and sometimes even the supporters get it wrong but not intentionally. Here are  a few websites for FairTax support if you wish to research this further.


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