The Running of the Bull

August 30, 2013

RunningBullPaintingAre people so insecure that they have to prove their bravery?  Are people so stupid that they believe it makes them a better person to be chased down the street by a herd of bulls? Why would anyone need to be gored or trampled by a bull to prove that they are brave or manly?


I know that the Pamplona Running of the Bulls is a big thing in Spain, but I have never understood the logic behind it. Regardless of what they will tell you, it is cruel to all the participants, man and animal alike. I’m sure it gets the adrenalin flowing and gives a great high to the runners, but the same thing can be said about many other drugs. You have to remember that this is the same society that gave us bull fights where the bull is slaughtered before your very eyes. I wonder if the bull fight will be the next import from Spain.

The Spaniards may be proud of their heritage of running from angry animals, but how does that relate to us? It relates to us because they are bringing The Running of the Bulls to a city near you. That’s right, they already copied the venue and recreated it in Dinwiddie Virginia. But that’s not the end of it because they have scheduled 10 separate events around the Atlanta Georgia area. But wait, that’s not all, they even have plans for more future events in Texas, Florida, California, Minnesota, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Why would Americans feel it is a good thing or brave thing to tempt fate? Why would we feel so compelled to participate? Wouldn’t it be more responsible to get our own house in order? With all the trouble we have in America why would we be excited for the chance to kill ourselves? Has America gotten so bad that we have little to live for? Or is it so bad that we need something exciting to take our minds off of the troubles?

Personally I need no the distraction, excitement, proof of bravery, or thrill of a possible kill. No one should need those things, especially right now. All Americans need to take their attention away from these distractions and focus on fixing America. America is crumbling before our very eyes and we are being chased by bulls in the streets of America.

Come on America! If you really want to get your blood boiling then do your homework and be a responsible American citizen. Study what is going on in the backrooms and the halls of our government. If Americans really knew what was happening I’m sure they would be outraged. They will never be outraged as long as we are too busy running for our lives by a bunch of bull.

This makes me think about the poetry in the fact that Americans are literally being herded through the streets by a bunch of bulls. While at the same time we are being herded down a path by the bull being spread by the government officials and the news media.  Will you be one of those who will be running down the street, running away from the bull and allowing it to continue on the path to its planned destination? Or are you one of those who will try to stop the bull in its tracks by confronting those who release the bull?

There are petitions being setup to oppose “The Great Bull Run” for the events being scheduled across America, if you wish to make your voice heard about opposing the actual running of the bulls then you can search Facebook with the key words “The Great Bull Run Petition”. If however you care more about America and her run from the bull then I would hope you would get involved in her survival before the race is over and we are all trampled by the bull.

Crowd_HerdDon’t be part of the herd or the crowd running from the herd. Be an American, stand tall and embody yourself in all that being an American means. Don’t run from the bull and don’t run with the bull.

We as American citizens should not let the bull run free in pour streets. We should oppose the bull at every opportunity. We need to take the bull by the horns and throw it into the gutters where it belongs. As long as the bull runs free, we will never truly be free. STOP THE BULL NOW!

Here are a few links that relate to this story if you wish to get even more info about the “Great American Bull Run”.



MeCloseUp1This article was written by Bertrum J Meisner Jr. I am not a professional writer. I am just a common every day laborer like most of you. I write from my heart, logic and life experiences. I am a devout Constitutional conservative and Christian. My only degree is in life experiences, which comes from a lifetime of learning from life. I derived my education from being part of this great nation and that has given me more of an education than I could ever get from any text book. I love this country and everything it is supposed to stand for. I write to bring it back to its roots and to help stop the destruction that is coming to this country both morally and physically.

Bertrum James Meisner Jr


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