The Ultimate American Public School System Ignorance

September 25, 2012


This is my third article on the ignorance of the educators who are working “hard” at programming the “politically correct” “zero tolerance” into our children.

If you would like to read the two previous articles they can be obtained at the following two links, on the Georgia Conservative website.


This has to be the pinnacle of their stupidity though. If you take the story and put it in its simplest form you come up with the fact that the school has said the student has an unacceptable name and he has to change his name or at the very least not sign his name the way he always has signed it.

This also has to be the ultimate slap in the face for free speech and to one’s self image. The child is a deaf preschooler and thus can only communicate through sign language. The Nebraska School System has decided that a preschooler’s name is not acceptable just because he has to sign his name and he just happens to use a hand gesture that is “close” to an image of a gun. This is virtually telling the child that his name is unacceptable because hand sign language is the only communication method he has. His name is a hand gesture “similar” to a gun and thus his name is unacceptable.

This has to be very confusing to the child because it is his name after all. The hand gesture for his name was created when he was 6 months old, with the help of a program for the deaf and by the very same school district. Isn’t that a little ironic that the very same school system who helped create the sign for his name, now wants to ban it?

How can the school system ever expect a 3 year old to understand this ignorance? The boy’s name is Hunter which makes perfect sense to have a hand sign resembling a gun. He has become another victim of the zero tolerance rules in America’s school system.  When are we going to stop this ignorance? You would think that our educators would be smart enough to know that a hand gesture resembling a gun cannot harm anyone, unless of course if you poke someone’s eye out with your finger.

Their own policy is worded to ban anyone from “knowingly and voluntarily possess, handle, transmit or use any instrument in school, on school grounds or at school functions that is a firearm, weapon, or looks like a weapon…” If I was a lawyer, which I am not, I think I could destroy their policy in a matter of minutes. The first thing I would ask is how does a hand look like a gun? Sure you can shape you hand to have a quasi gun shape but it still doesn’t “look” like a gun. Many things can have similar shapes without looking like each other. Now if his hand was covered with metal and had the proper curves and shapes then maybe you can say that it looks like a gun. Flesh and blood fingers and hands don’t look like a metal gun in my book.

I want to ban everything that might have a similar shape to a gun. I would like to see them actually accomplish that act! Have they ever looked on their own computer? It would be interesting to see them try to ban the hand pointer on the computer. It is impossible to live within their zero tolerance policy because like I have said before it is an unattainable goal. I said it before there is at least one exception to every rule thus obtaining the zero in this policy is impossible. As a “so called” educated person they should know that, but they don’t seem to be able to grasp that concept. That makes me question their real intentions or rather their real agenda.

Any sane person should realize that any deaf person using sign language is not trying to be violent when they use their hand in the shape of a gun, but rather they are just trying to communicate the only way they can. I would ask the school system, how they would expect a deaf student to respond to a teacher when asked a question where the only answer would be a gun.  According to their policy he can’t sign a gun so I guess he can’t answer the question can he? That is placing a virtual gag order on the student.

If you look at the language alphabet you will see a lot of gestures that would be banned by this stupid policy. He would be banned from using the letters D, G, H, L, R, U, Z and the number 1. All of these letters could be, in their interpretation, be construed as looking like a gun. How can you expect a deaf child or a person for that matter to communicate if you take away almost one third of the letters in their alphabet? You want to talk about not being tolerant! The zero tolerance policy is intolerant everyone’s rights not just this one child’s rights.

You cannot have a zero tolerance policy without destroying someone’s rights. It is Hunter’s right to free speech that they tread in this case. They are censoring him by removing a large part of his alphabet and vocabulary. They are also destroying his sense of identity and dignity by saying his name is unacceptable. They are teaching him that his name is a “dirty” word because it must NOT be said or I should say not signed.

America needs to wake up and see the signs because they are not just in the sign language, they are everywhere. They are much more visible in our public school systems than anywhere else in this country because that is where they can be the most effective.  We can expect these same policies being enforced on our children to be enforced on us in the future. Our children are being taught this mental censorship so that they will accept it more easily when they become adults. Brain wash them while they are young and they will be brain washed for their entire lives.

Are we going to continue to sit on our hands and let their agenda continue to brain wash our society? If we do then the liberals will own our society. Are we going to get off our sofas and stand up for what this country was created for? If we don’t this country won’t stand much longer. Or are we going to ignore it and hope it just goes away? If you ignore it, it will not go away and it will just grow stronger. It will also grow even more ignorant and the American values that we have all held so dear will be no more.

Get up and let your voice be heard. Tell your representative what you want and don’t want. Passionately vote with American patriotism and values. WAKE UP!!!!   — BJMJr


If you wish to read more on the actual story about the deaf child you can read more at the below sites.




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