What is Christmas to You?

December 9, 2012


Well it is the Christmas season again and as usual the holiday is being assaulted by the left. The retailers typically train their employees to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas as they do every year. The stores have their annual sales drives. Everywhere you go you see the word SALE followed by words that range anywhere from 10% to 90% off.

It is a holiday of retail sales. It is the time of year where the stores have one last chance to increase their profits so they can see black ink instead of red ink on their spreadsheets. They hate to see red anywhere near their spreadsheets, but they have no problem putting red banners, signs and tags everywhere in their stores. Red is the color of the season which is probably because we have associated the color at the Holiday every since Coke made Santa wear a red suit. It was no accident that coke chose red for their Santa’s suit; after all it is their trade color. The color was chosen by Coke to sell their products and it was ingenuous on their part. What better color to catch the buyer’s eye? Red is an eye opener.

It is the holiday of time off. Everyone who gets the time off enjoys getting those days off to escape from their work tasks. Many will relax, work around the house, put up decorations, shop or do noble deeds for others. Some actually celebrate the season by getting drunk and partying like there is no tomorrow. Nearly everyone will attend at least one Christmas Party but the party usually has nothing to do with Christmas. If it did then there wouldn’t be people falling down drunk, there wouldn’t be people hiding in closets with members of the other sex, there wouldn’t be people campaigning for promotions, and there wouldn’t be people trying to stab their fellow workers in the back. There wouldn’t be so many people full of remorse the day after the Christmas party for things they would normally never do.

It is the holiday for giving gifts. Nearly everyone gives at least one person a gift of some sort. Most people try to buy the cheapest possible gift regardless if the recipient will ever like the gift or not. Many people only give gifts out of necessity, not out of the desire in their heart. Many give only because they want to receive. Some give nothing but expect everything.

It is sad but this is what most people think about during the Christmas season. This is how they spend their “holiday” which isn’t much of a holiday if you ask me. If this is how you view the Christmas season then I feel sad for you, very sad for you. It can be and should be about so much more. It has been transformed by our culture to be the above, but it can still is about so much more if you let it. The season is only as important and as honorable as you make it. If you like the above descriptions for the holiday and could care less about changing, then I suggest that you stop reading and go have yourself a “merry” little Christmas at another’s expense.

If however, your heart desires a real Christmas with real meaning, then ignore all those who want the above and put cheer in your heart. The real secret to a good Christmas is love. The holiday was created based on the birth of Jesus. What better expression of love than a mother giving birth to her child? I can’t think of a happier occasion for anyone, even the father? That alone should make you joyous for the holiday, but wait, it gets even better. What could be even better than that child being the only salvation for all human kind? The mere thought of that should bring monumental joy to your heart and soul.

That is what this season is about, none of the other things man has made it out to be. Keep that in your mind and heart as you go through all the retail mine fields, the party battles, your days off of conquest, your decoration wrestling, your gift giving strategy or your wars against family members. Keep the joy and love in your heart. Smile when others don’t repeat back to you Merry Christmas. Smile when you hear someone speaking bad things about you. Smile when you receive the exact same gift you gave to the giver the previous year. Smile when you don’t get that Christmas bonus. Smile when you are told that you have to take the holiday off without pay. Smile regardless of what life throws at you. Have the love in your heart always.

The love I refer to is more than just ordinary love. The love I am talking about is the love you can only feel when you have taken Jesus into your heart and accepted him as your Savior. There is no other love like it, and it can make all things bearable no matter how bad things can get. It is a love that can and will make you want to be a better person. It will bring all the right things back into the holiday, which need to be present during this time of the year.

It will also bring those same things into your daily life every day, week, month and year. The holiday is important, but we shouldn’t celebrate it just on December 25th, but every day. You can’t be a Christian and only celebrate His birth once a year. You can’t be a Christian and not have the love in your heart every day. You can’t be a Christian and be the person who wants the holiday mentioned at the first of this article. As a Christian you should fight against that holiday and everything it stands for.

So as you start you holiday season go forth and spread the cheer. Leave a smile with everyone you encounter. Help everyone you see in need. If you give gifts then give with your heart. If you attend parties then go with the intent of being sincere and honorable. If you encounter negativity or anger then always do it with a smile. It will amaze you how disarming a smile can be in a bad situation. You will never lose an argument if you always smile back during the confrontation. Well… you may lose the argument, but you won’t lose the acquaintance.

Christmas is about so much more than just the things man has made it out to be, remember that!




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