What Will America Be Today and Tomorrow? It Is Your Choice

April 4, 2012

By Bertrum J. Meisner, Jr

How can America ever be the America of our fore fathers again?  It seems almost impossible for America to be the great shining light of freedom that it was created to be. It has been changing from the model that it was created from, almost from day one. But it had been gradually changing for decades, up and until about the middle of the last century, when it gained momentum and it has been gaining more and more momentum ever since. The speed by which it is changing now is almost unbelievable.

The “change” is upon us like a thunderstorm.  Every day another freedom is yanked out from under us. The amazing thing is how easily and quietly it is done.  Almost every day there is another illegal executive order issued to deconstruct our government.  But yet there is little outcry or discussion on the matter.

America cannot survive when its populous is silent while its freedoms are demolished. America cannot survive when there is no unbiased news reporting. America cannot survive when its leadership is allowed to do whatever they wish, regardless of the legality of their actions.  America cannot survive when the heart of American values, The Constitution, is being run through a paper shredder by the very people who were elected to uphold and protect it.  America cannot survive unless Americans wake up and do their job.

The Constitution isn’t there for the government or the government officials.  It was placed into our government for the people and by the people.  That means it is up to us as Americans to make sure that it is followed and respected.  If we don’t do it you can bet that the government won’t.  It isn’t in the government’s best interest to follow The Constitution.

The government is nothing more than a business.  Its primary purpose is to create more government, any way it can. If The Constitution gets in the way it will run right over the top of it.  That is why we need to be so vigil.  Government is not our friend, but on the contrary, government is always our enemy.  It will do things to “help” its citizens but when it does it always takes something in return. What it takes in return is almost always a freedom.  Government’s goal is to gain power and the only place it can get its power is from the people.  The people really have all the power and governments know that.  That is why every single government on the planet tries so hard to limit the power of the people through suppression and oppression. 

America was created to stop that suppression and oppression.  But we as citizens have not being doing our job we have been letting our government take our power one bullet at a time.  It is our job to work as our fore fathers did. We must do our civic duties.  We have to be vocal and active in our government or we are more like the slaves of the south than the founding fathers.  A free society cannot remain free with its members not practicing and nurturing their freedoms.  Our society has been selling its freedoms for dollars.  Americans have taken government handouts in exchange for the freedoms that we once held so dear.  The government will always be glad to make that exchange but we should never accept those terms.  We should never sell our freedom at any price. 

Freedoms are the most precious commodities on the earth and the government knows that but we seem to have forgotten that.  Once a freedom is taken it is seldom returned and governments love to take them.

Liberalism sees things through a different light.  They believe that being “taken care” of by the government is more important than anything, even freedom.  They would gladly give up all their freedom for a handout.  That is what we as conservatives have to fight.  We must fight any handout to anyone by the government by weighing the consequences for America against the profit to the individual.  There are some things the government can do to help its citizens but making them welfare slaves is not one of them. Making its citizens self sufficient and independent should be the government’s first priority, it should not be making them dependents to anyone or anything, let alone the government.

America is in dire distress right now and every bit of it can be traced back to a freedom we gave up at some time or other.  The economic situation is a product of creating the Federal Reserve. We gave up our power to control our own government’s finances when the privately own and run Federal Reserve was created.  We gave up our power when the Homeland Security Agency was created.  We gave up our power when the Civil War came to an end because the States’ powers were a derivative of the people’s power and the states lost enormous power at the end of the war.  We gave up our power when the income tax was passed and was used to create the most powerfully oppressive branch of the government, the IRS.  We gave up our power when we allowed our elected public “servants” to make themselves above the very laws they create for us.

I could go on and on about the many powers we have given up these are just some of the more obvious and in your face freedoms and powers we have lost.  We must stop the avalanche that has started in Washington and that is what we have. The speed and size of the government oppression is rolling down on us like an avalanche.  Like an avalanche it is almost impossible to stop once it starts and it has started whether we want to admit it or not. 

We all need to join together to gather up the avalanche, even if it is one stone at a time.  We must turn back the avalanche before it completely covers up our government. It would be best if we all joined together to make an imperturbable wall of people power so that no power hungry stone head can get through.  That would mean removing all the power hungry elected officials in Washington.  We have to get busy and do “our” job. If we allow Washington to do it for us then they will do it in a way to benefit themselves not us.

I am no longer a slave to the government I am a free American. I am not a Democrat, a Republican, a Socialist, a Communist or a Libertarian. I am a free American who doesn’t have an obligation to anyone except to The Constitution and myself.  As long as am loyal to those two things then the other pertinent responsibilities and obligations will logically follow.  Who else is willing to join me at the wall? —BJMJr




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