When Was There An American Revolution

January 16, 2013

It is no wonder this country is in the mess it is in. I had an amazing conversation with a person who had no political affiliation and no clue. Let me tell you how the conversation and went and you tell me if you can see where our problem lies.

I was having a healthy conversation with a fellow conservative when another gentleman stepped up and joined the conversation. We were discussing the purpose of the second amendment and how it came to be. As we were talking about how the amendment was used against the British, he asked the following questions. I won’t bore you with my answers because I think the questions by themselves explain enough about America’s problem, besides, I think the answers are obvious.

“Why did the British and the Americans have problems?”

“When did this happen?”

“What did the British do that was so bad?”

“How come the British were able to tax us, we were not part of Great Britain?”

This is just a sample of the questions he asked, and I think you can see what I’m getting at with this sampling. The most amazing thing was that this was from a middle aged white man who seemed to have all his faculties, not from an ignorant teenager or old man with dementia. It is inconceivable for me, to think that there could be any American out there who would not have any knowledge of the American Revolution. I proceeded to give him a history lesson on the American Revolution. I believe that the American Revolution is something that should be forever embedded into every American’s brain, so how can it be that there are Americans out there who have absolutely no knowledge of the event?

How will we ever get the public to act responsibly and intelligently with their civic duties, if we can’t even get them to understand what America is about? We can preach about upholding the Constitution until we are blue in the face, but it won’t matter at all if the public has no clue as to what the Constitution is and what it stands for. It is even harder if the public doesn’t have any knowledge of American history other than what they have seen on the news.

I was constantly caught off guard with every aspect of the conversation and every question almost floored me. I had never had to give a lesson on the creation of America like this before. Usually the other party at least knows we fought England for independence and why. I could understand the ignorance if, late in life he had relocated here from some foreign land, which I doubt he did, and if he did there was no sign of it. His American/Tennessee English was perfect with no hint of an offshore accent.

I can only wonder, since he probably was raised here in America, how he ever managed to pass the first grade, let alone graduate from high school. This is a sad example of what we are facing. Is it any wonder that voters vote the way they do? Is it any wonder that we are losing our Constitutional rights? How can we expect to educate people about what is wrong with this country when they don’t even know the story behind the country? How can we expect the public to do what is right for America when they don’t even know America?

If we are to have any hope of turning this country around, then we need an educated voter base. Unfortunately that will never happen as long as there are so many Americans out there like this one. It is our job as Americans to undo the damage done by our education system and stop the exploitation of that damage by our government. We have to educate those who need to be educated, no matter to what extent that may be.

I knew we had a hard job ahead of us, trying to educate the public, but I had no idea it was going to be this hard. All I can say is we need to work even harder, so we can wake up at least some of the apolitical people so they can join the revolution before it is too late. We are going to need as many Americans as we can get and the sooner the better. If we don’t soon convert enough people to regain the majority in this country, then we will be lucky to have a minority of our rights before the end of this presidential term.

If you have a chance to talk with anyone about politics, do it.  I know some say never discuss politics or religion, but I say never miss a chance to discuss either. They are the most important things in our lives, and as such, neither should be avoided, ever.

Bertrum J Meisner Jr



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