Why Would God Let This Happen?

November 14, 2012

I can’t count how many times I have heard this question since the election.  It is understandable why a non-Christian would ask this question but it amazes me that any Christian would ask that question. The non-Christian would of course ask it in sarcasm. The Christian should never have to ask this question because if they really believed in God they should already know the answer before they asked it.

God is faithful to people when they are faithful to Him. God is faithful to a nation when it is faithful to Him. There are many faithful in this country but the faithful are rapidly becoming the minority. Then there is the problem of the faithful to God who are not faithful to the country. There should not be a single Christian who isn’t active in our government. Being a Christian means more than just going to church on Sunday, it also means fighting for and pursuing Christian values in your life and in others’ lives.

How can any Christian say that they fight for and pursue Christian values if they don’t fight for and pursue Christian values in their government? Don’t want to hear the argument that this government was created and based on separation of Church and state because that is a lie that has been falsely stated for far too long. I challenge anyone to show me where it says “separation of church and state” in the Constitution or in any other legal document within our federal government. The Constitution only has two things to say about religion and you can read them below.

Article VI— … “but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

Amendment I— … “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

Neither of these statements state that the government is separated from the church. The First Amendment comes close but it is far from saying it. All it says is that the government canNOT create a religion and it can’t hinder anyone from practicing their religion. Not creating a religion is FAR from separating the government from the church. We all know that the only way there could ever be a separation of church and state is for only non-religious people to be in government. That is the ultimate goal of the liberal agenda of separation of church and state. They are working hard for that goal and if they ever do achieve it, then this country will be cursed from that day forward.

My purpose here isn’t to argue for or against whether the “separation of church and state” is stated within our government, that is an argument that I have had and will continue to have with anyone who wishes to pursue that falsehood. However, my purpose here is to explain why God would let the election go the way it did.

The election result reflects the state of the populous mentality. If you have a majority that consists of immoral voters, moral voters who could care less about their government and selfish voters who are voting for their own gains, not the country’s, then you have the result which we have.

But you may say why didn’t God come to America’s aid and stop the election of the worst possible president for America. Why should God?  Why should God care about America at all?  I know those of you who read my blogs will say that I have already covered this in the following blog.


It is true I did cover it previously, but I didn’t cover why God may WANT us to have this President. Yes… I did say that God may want us to have this President. My justification for that statement can be found throughout Jewish and Israeli history. When God brought Abraham’s descendents out of Egypt He didn’t immediately take them to the Promised Land. Instead He made them wander in the wilderness for 40 years before arriving there, when it should have taken them less than a month to get there. God is patient and does things on His schedule not ours. God has the patience of God, not the patience of Job or any other human.

Later in history he gave the nations of Israel and Judah countless opportunities to come back to Him after they left Him, which they did many times and they inevitably walked away from Him again and again. When they walked away from Him He walked away from them. He allowed them freewill which they used to walk away from Him and that caused their own destruction. Being the Father of mankind, He was teaching them the parental lesson that there are consequences for one’s actions. They sinned and they suffered, repeatedly just like America they had to be taught a lesson.

America has sinned and is still sinning, so America is suffering and will continue to suffer.  Until America turns around and comes back to God we can expect more of the same. Electing a President that will always go with Islam when an ill wind blows is par for the course with God. We get what we sow and America is sowing the seeds of atheism, Islamism, humanism, agnosticism, secularism and everything but Godliness.

The question shouldn’t be “Why would God let this happen?” but instead it should be “Why would we let this happen?” It is all on us, not Him. We as a nation have let this happen. If you want to stop what is happening to America then you have to start with yourself. You have to stop the demoralization of your values and the values of all those around you. You have to bring God back into your home, office, public places and GOVERNMENT. You have to stop the liberal agenda of erasing God from America. With every minute erasure of God in the textbooks, the classrooms, litigation, courthouses and the government buildings, there is another erasure by God for America in His book.

He has patience like no other, but His patience waits for our actions.  He doesn’t act unless we act. We must turn this country around spiritually, before He will even consider turning the country around physically. He will reward our actions when we do walk the walk, but by the same token He will allow the suffering when we just stand by and allow the spiritual demise of America.

So if anyone asks you “Why would God let this happen?” simply reply with “Why would you let this happen?”


P.S.—–My fellow Georgian writer, Jacqueline Knight also recently wrote an excellent article on this subject and you may want to read her thoughts on this subject as well. If you are inclined to do so, here is the link to her blog.





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