Yet Another Tax

July 1, 2012

BY BERTRUM J MEISNER JR–Obamacare, yet another tax to be paid by the American taxpayer, when does it stop? They never tire of inventing new taxes for us to pay. In its inception the proponents argued that it wasn’t a tax but only a penalty. This argument was made because the people would never have supported the bill if they were told the truth, that it WOULD be a new tax. Now we find that in order to make it fall within Constitutional Law the Supreme Court has called it a tax which it always has been.

If it wasn’t ever “supposed” to be a tax, “according” to the writers of the bill, then why should the Supreme Court now call it a tax, because they have analyzed its legalities and they have removed the mask the bill has been hiding under, to expose it for what it really is.  Why would they do that? It has been rumored that the deciding vote was changed after they had all divulged their decisions to each other. Why would that happen? Was there pressure from the left that changed his mind? Did he see that there might be a problem after the announcement of overturning the bill?

We may never know the real answers to these questions but it has been suggested that he had a mind bending plan that would to disrupt the left’s election plans. With the stroke of a pen, he made the present president the most taxing president in history. No other president has come close to increasing the tax burden of the American people as much as this one president has. With that said, you can bet that come November the American people will express their feelings about that.

The predictors are predicting that this may cost the left the election, but will it? Will the ignorant masses see it as another tyrannical tax on the very people who can’t afford another tax? Let’s look at who is “supposed” to be paying this penalty or new tax. The tax is to be paid by those who “HAVE JOBS” but don’t have health insurance. However those who don’t have jobs don’t pay the tax because they have no income to tax but they are the ones who benefit the most. The unemployed will get the heath care for free which will create a huge financial burden for the government. Those with health insurance also don’t pay the tax which leaves a very small group to foot the bill for this huge financial burden.

How do you suppose that the government will pay for this “NEW” financial burden? How do they ALWAYS pay for their financial burdens? There is only one effective method, at their disposal for collecting income and that is taxes. Do you think that the few who work without insurance will be able to pay enough taxes to pay for this huge burden? No of course they won’t. That means there will be a need for more government income/taxes to pay for this and where do you suppose they will get this increased income? It is obvious that they will have to tax someone else and who do you suppose that will be?

In order to get any substantial increase they will have to tax those who have more income. That will tax some businesses out of existence and thus destroy more jobs. You can expect the party line to be that the rich will have to pay more of “their fair share”. The expression “their fair share” is just a socialist smoke screen to pit the rich against the poor. It is also a smoke screen to cover up the fact that even those in middle class with health insurance will have to pay the tax to cover the absorbent costs.

Since it is now a tax, all that has to be said to win over public opinion, is that everyone should pay their fair share. Then the masses will demand that everyone be liable for the insurance tax. It will cease forever, as any form of “penalty” and forever be another oppressive tax on the American people.

If there was ever a more important time for the passing of the Fair Tax Bill it is NOW!!! The federal income tax system is out of control especially now with an entirely new tax method being implemented with this new health insurance tax. In its present form the Fair Tax will not eliminate this new health care tax but it could be part of the first step toward removing it. America needs to see the reality staring them in the face and that is that our government has gone tax crazy. It is inventing new ways to tax its citizens and it is doing this by lying to the public and claiming that these new taxes aren’t really taxes.

It doesn’t matter what they call it, if the government is making you pay them anything it is a tax. Taxation is the most effective way they have of collecting their revenue. The entire financial system of our government is based on taxation which is the government’s income. Our government needs more income to grow and our government is growing out of control so our taxation is growing out of control. It is a vicious never ending cycle, the more out of control it gets the hungrier it gets for income.

That is why the Fair Tax by itself can never totally fix America. It will take the Fair Tax and a fiscally responsible government to fix America. Our government has the constitutional ability to tax us as much and as often as they wish. The only thing keeping them from taxing us to death is public opinion and possible outrage from the public. That is why we must NOT ignore bills like the Obamacare Bill, each one of these types of bills is another tax burden brought in through a back door to oppress each every one of us.

This needs to be made the number one election issue in November. Whether Chief Justice Roberts intended to make this happen or not, WE need to make it happen. This is a call to ALL Americans to wake up and smell the rotting mass of politicians in Washington. They are so rotten with corruption that the smell can be easily inhaled all across the country. I beg you vote in November and vote for a free America.  Vote for an America free of tax tyranny and free of an out of control government. We need to take back control of our government and then rein in their excessiveness especially in the fiscal area.-BJMJr


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